Boris Dulon a.k.a Borobros

(Caņada de Gomez, Santa Fe, Argentina, 1973)

A multi-faceted artist whose career spans over 20 years of commitment to artistic expression, Boris has been living in Barcelona since 1999. He has worked as a spray-paint artist for Nokia (1999-2001), as a set designer for the artist Glammour to Kill (2003), and has taken part in Gaudí Fashion Week alongside designer Nekkane le freak (2003). In 2003 he created _ _ _ión, a multi-fusion-art space.

He is creative director of the EWERK collective, collaborating on the L.E.M. festival with the KUKAN project (2005), and in the same year he produced interactive audiovisual installations in the Plaza España Convention Centre and visual productions for the Bread and Butter trade fair held at the Barcelona Forum and the Off Loop festival (2005).

He is currently developing his research project into new technologies applied to art, in which he is creating an artistic-digital expression interface, which he applies in his performance entitled "Vj O´video y su Opendesktop".

He has also taken part in international festivals such as Visual Brasil and Úber Linguis, among others, and on joint projects with collectives such as Folclore and Family Step.

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