Armin Medosch

Graz, Austria, 1962

Armin Medosch is a writer, artist and curator working in the field of media art and network culture. In 2007 he curated and hosted the Ars Electronica theme conference "Goodbye Privacy" together with Ina Zwerger. In 2006 he curated the exhibition "WAVES - electromagnetic waves as a material and medium of art", together with RIXC in Riga. Medosch researches the relationship between technological progress and social change, between media art and free and open source software, between electromagnetic waves and code. To further those long term theoretic research interests, he currently builds a new collaborative research platform under the title "The Next Layer".

Armin Medosch has a distinguished background in media art and as a writer and cultural critic. In the mid 1980s he started the media arts and activism project Radio Subcom to create radio art and audio-visual environments. Later, he co-initiated the project Stubnitz Art-Space-Ship, a project to convert a 80 metre deep sea trawler into a mobile base for art. Together with Shu Lea Cheang and Martin Howse, he initiated the live art project PLENUM with Kingdom of Piracy as a part of Node-London season of media arts 2006. His previous books include Netzpiraten (2001) and Freie Netze (2003). Medosch's current work as an artist includes the Hidden Histories project, a participatory public art project for Southampton, UK, together with Hive Networks. From 2002 to 2007 he has been associate senior lecturer in Digital Media at Ravensbourne College of Communication and Design, and was editor-at-large of Telepolis online magazine from 1996 to 2002.

Takes part in
The Invisible Conquest: a Social and Cultural History of Hertzian Space