Antonio Baņos

A unique thinker in Catalonia and Spain, for his rigour but also for his impish sense of humour, this journalist, writer and musician was born in Barcelona in 1967. He has written columns in newspapers like El Periódico and ADN and his face is regularly seen on television when a programme needs the services of someone who is as lucid as he is charismatic. After the humungous task of making macroeconomics intelligible in books such as La economía no existe (Los Libros del Lince, 2009) and Posteconomía (Los Libros del Lince, 2012), Baños has published La rebel·lió catalana (LaButxaca, 2013), published in Spanish by Roca Editorial in 2014, showing that another kind of independent, pro-independence Catalan nationalism (with social and moral decency) is possible. Baños is also the man behind such charismatic, committed (with laughter and activism) bands as Los Carradine.

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