Antoni Martí Monterde

(Torís, Valencia, Spain, 1968)

Professor of Literature and Comparative Literary Theory at Barcelona University. Aside from numerous articles on Josep Pla, Walter Benjamin, Joan Fuster and Xavier de Maistre, has already written the essays J. V. Foix o la solitud de l'escriptura (Premi Joaquim Xirau 1997, Edicions 62, 1998), a study of avant-garde poetry, and is co-author of Literary Theory and Comparative Literary Theory, (2005).

He has also published the poems: Els vianants (1995) and the stories: L'erosió 2001; Valencian Writers Prize (2002), a travel diary in Argentina. His experiences in L'erosió inspired his most recent book, Poética del Café. Un espacio de la modernidad literaria europea, (finalist for the Anagrama Essay Prize, 2007) which explored the evolution and current situation of literary cafès around the world.

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