Andrés Hispano

© CCCB, Antonio Lajusticia, 2012

Audiovisual producer, curator, painter and illustrator

Andrés Hispano writes regularly for the culture supplement of La Vanguardia (member of the advisory committee, 2002-2014). Producer, together with Félix Pérez-Hita, of SOY CÁMARA (TVE-CCCB). He has curated the exhibitions The Filmmakers’ City (with Jordi Balló, CCCB, 2001), El Rei de la casa (with Marc Roig, Palau de la Virreina, 2007), That’s not Entertainment! (with Antoni Pinent, CCCB, 2007) and Global Screen (with Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Seroy, CCCB, 2011). He directed BTV’s theme nights (1997-2000), the programme Boing Boing Buddha (created together with Manuel Huerga, BTV, 2000-2003) and Baixa Fidelitat (with Félix Pérez-Hita, XTVL, 2005). Among other audiovisuals for museums and arts centres, he has directed Somiant la nostra ruïna (La Pedrera, 2005), La Trobada (Palau Moja, 2007), Autoscan (CCCB, 2008) and Wish you were here (DHUB, 2009). He wrote David Lynch, claroscuro americano (Glénat, 1997) and, with Antoni Pinent, curated the DVD pack Del éxtasis al arrebato (Cameo, 2009). He is visiting lecturer in Film and Audiovisual Culture at various universities, such as the UPF, Elisava, LCI and URL.
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