Alicia Giménez Bartlett

(Almansa, Spain, 1951)

Alicia Giménez Bartlett studied Spanish Philology at the University of Valencia and was awarded her doctorate in Spanish Literature by the University of Barcelona. She has lived in this city since 1975. Her early narrative fiction includes Exit (1984), Pájaros de oro (1987), Caídos en el valle (1989) and Vida sentimental de un camionero (1993). In 1997 she published Una habitación ajena, a novel with which she won the Femenino Lumen prize.

She is also the writer of a series of detective novels, whose police-inspector protagonist, Petra Delicado, works to solve different mysteries and murder cases. Ritos de muerte (1996), Día de perros (1997), Mensajeros de la oscuridad (1999) and Muertos de papel (2000) are some of her most representative novels in this genre. The year 1999 saw the production of a series of thirteen episodes for television based on the adventures of Petra Delicado. Her latest published work is Discreta Penélope (2003).

Together with Bigas Luna, she wrote the film script for Corazones cruzados. She has also produced essays in such works as El misterio de los sexos (2000) and La deuda de Eva. Del pecado de ser feas y el deber de ser hermosas (2002). Many of her novels have been translated into foreign languages.

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