Albert Garcia Espuche

Doctor of Architecture and Historian.

Born in Barcelona in 1951.

He has been Head of Exhibitions of the Olimpíada Cultural (1988-1991), Director of Exhibitions and Research of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (1991-1998), and consultant (1998-1999) and Head of the Research and Documentation Centre of the CCCB (2000-2001). He is currently Director of Exhibitions of the Barcelona 2004 World Cultures Forum.

He has published various works as a historian, including Espai i societat a la Barcelona preindustrial (Editorial La Magrana, 1988); La construcció d'una ciutat. Mataró 1500-1900 (Editorial Altafulla, 1989) and Un siglo decisivo. Barcelona y Cataluña 1550-1640 (Alianza Editorial 1998).

As a writer, he has published the novel El inventario (Muchnik Editores, Grup 62, 2002).Among others, he has curated the following exhibitions: "El Quadrat d'Or - The Golden Square", 1990; "Modernisme - the Catalan Art Nouveau", 1990; "Cities: from Balloon to Satellite", 1994; "Portrait of Barcelona", 1995; "The Sustainable City", 1998; "The Reconquest of Europe. European Public Space: 1980-1999", 1999, and "Fez. Interior City", 2002; and has directed thirty or more exhibitions.He has been awarded the following prizes: Special Jury Prize (FAD, industrial design, 1983); "City of Barcelona" (Barcelona City Council, historical research, 1985); "Prat de la Riba" (Institut d'Estudis Catalans, best historical work in Catalan, 1989); "New York International Video Festival" (best script, 1991).

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