Aina Clotet


An actress who has worked in cinema, theatre and television, she has recently appeared in the films Els nens salvatges (Wild Children, 2012) and Elisa K (2010). Her most recent stage appearances have been in Igmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage/ Saraband and Germanes (Sisters) by Carol López (2008-2009). She has worked in numerous TV3 productions, including the series Infidels (Unfaithful, 2009-2011), El cor de la ciutat (The Heart of the City, 2006-2007) and is presently starring in the series Gran Nord (Great North). She received several awards, including the Butaca (Armchair) Prize for best Catalan Film Actress for her role in the film 53 días de invierno (Fifty-three Days in Winter) by Judit Colell (2006).

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