Agustí Fernāndez

(Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 1954)
Š  Sonia Balcells

Agustí Fernández studied at Palma de Mallorca Conservatory and complemented his training with summer courses in Darmstadt and with Iannis Xenakis, among others. He was the musical director of the Big Ensemble of the Taller de Músics and director of Orquesta del Caos. Founder member, along with Joan Saura and Liba Villavecchia, of the Improvisers of Barcelona Association (IBA), of which he was director until 2001. He now lectures permanently in improvisation at the School of Music of Catalonia and is director of the Contemporary Musics Festival of Barcelona and the Miró Foundation's cycle "Nights of Music".

In 1985 he released his first disc, Ardent, of piano solos, marking the start of his career as a free improviser. Since 1992 he has released 12 CDs. He has worked with international artists such as Tom Cora, Evan Parker, Butch Morris, Peter Kowald and Marilyn Crispell, among others. In addition to his solo concerts as an improviser, he is also involved in ongoing projects: Trío Local, the Agustí Fernández Quartet, a duo with American flautist Jane Rigier, etc. He was awarded the 2000 Altaveu Prize.

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