Abigail Child

(United States)
 CCCB, Paraula d'Autor, 2011

Poet, directress, cinema producer and writer.

Abigail Child is a media artist and writer whose original montage pushes the envelope of sound-image relations with sensitivity, smarts and passion. In the words of LA Weekly, she makes “brilliant exciting work…a vibrant political film that’s attentive to form.”
Her work in the 1980s explores gender while focusing on strategies for rewriting narrative, creating the cult classics “Mayhem” and “Covert Action” while her 1990s productions recuperate documentary to poetically explore public space: B/SIDE (1996) and BELOW THE NEW (1999). In the 21st century, her films DARK DARK (2001), SURFACE NOISE (2000), and digital works CAKE + STEAK (2004) and THE FUTURE IS BEHIND YOU (2005) investigate the awkward drama of everyday, often utilizing archival material to examine the past.
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