2mex (Alejandro Ocaņo)

(Los Angeles, United States, 1973)

Alejandro Ocaño became established as a personality on the LA underground scene in the latter half of the 1990s both for his rapping skills and the quality of the groups of which he formed part or worked with: Of Mexican Descent, Visionaries, Afterlife/Curbserver, Mindclouders, Songodsuns, Brainbusters, Shapeshifters, etc.

In 1990 he formed the group Of Mexican Descent, together with Memo and Xololanxinxo, and released the album Éxitos y más éxitos (1998). He had previously worked on the recording of the disc Galleries (1997) with the members of Visionaries. In 2000 he began his solo career and since then has made various albums, some of them with the collaboration of outstanding artists: Words Knot Music (2000); Fake it until you make it (2000); Unreleased Hits (2001), a compilation of tracks recorded with Songodsuns (2mex, Nobody and DJ ESP); B-Boys in Occupied Mexico (2001) and The Sweat (2002).

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