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Bank of Common Knowledge (BCC) 2008

Activity: The Art of Vision. Filmmakers Research Images, , The Possible City, Looking for a flat?, Dignity, Strength, Freedom, Europe, Agrarianism, Justice, Honesty, Engagement, Music, The City, Education, Self-Esteem, Knowledge, Courage, Patience, Wisdom, Moderation, , Human Rights, , The New Barcelonians, , , The Cathars, Reality and Myth, , III Data Journalism and Open Data Conference, Poetic Reading, Don't Look Away: Race, Sex and Kara Walker's Pornopticon. Lecture by Robyn Wiegman, There Once Lived a Woman..., Talk with Cory Doctorow, The Human Condition in the Anthropocene, Turism, City and Identity, The Disappeared City, The Future of Journalism. Lessons from George Orwell, Apocalipsi uuuuuuuaaaaaaa, The long process . Culture and politics in contemporary society (1937-2014), , , Reading, War and the Islamic State, What is real?, LISTENING, Commented readings on W. G. Sebald books, , There is a fog that no gaze can clear: artists discuss Sebald, , , Apprenticeship in Love. Critical Pedagogy against Gender Violence, , , Democracy and religious diversity, Lecture by Naomi Klein, Alzheimer, Free will and the Moral Agents Club, Commons, public space network and geopolitics of Internet, In first person: the voice of women researchers, Women and science: the view from institutions of quality research, 1714-2014, a Subject for Reflection, Justice and Equality, Sovereignty and State, Freedom, Wealth and Critique, Citizenship, Capitalism and Welfare. On the Changing Meaning of the Concept of Reform, Individual and Community, Progress and Modernity, Lecture by Chris Salter, José Antonio Martínez Lapeña and Elías Torres, Science at Christmas, , , Beyond Identity, The Shaping of an Identity: A History of Catalonia, In Praise of Adventure: Exploration and Discovery, In Praise of Adventure: Utopia, today, In Praise of Adventure: Paradoxes of Security, Philosophy and the life of others, , , , Catalonia in the Mirror of Immigration, , Urban Planet: Mobility in Cities of the Future, Body: Sexual Identities in China, , The music industry 3.0: a business scenario, The Power of Money: Timon of Athens. Debate with Andreu Jaume, David Selvas and Sergi Pompermayer, , Innovation and Privacy in Future Generations, , The New World Disorder, Autoimmunity, brain and mind, Data Journalism. Work session (VIII), Cancer: from biomedicine to patient, Towards a new understandinf of cancer and its treatment, Cancer: from biomedicine to patient, Cancer: from biomedicine to patient, Stem cells and regenerative medicine: realities and promises, Stem cells: what they are and their role in living beings, The Human animal, Stem cells and ageing: can the process be manipulated?, , , Transmedia Narrative Design, OpenWalls Conference 2014, Data Journalism. Work session (VII), , Creative Programming Meeting, , , , , Working under Siege, Syria. Information under Siege, Drones. Siege at a Distance, Gaza. The Permanent Siege, INTERNET UNIVERSE. Discovering the Educational Briefcase, , Ten Love Stories. Philosophy Seminar, , , , The City is Not for Selling but for Living, Xerrades per Ciutat Vella (Talks in the Old City), Presentation of the educational briefcase, , Barcelona, from George Orwell to democracy, The Shout of Literature, A History of Jealousy. The Modern Medicalization of Passions, Contemporary urban passages, Conference «Software takes command» by Lev Manovich, Data Dialogues: Aaron Koblin in Conversation (Google Data Arts Team), Enter Forum 2014, Loop Studies Lab: How to imagine new leadership models in cultural production and programming, , The Future of the European City, , , , , , Cultural Data, , A Common Culture, Who has power, today?, Cities and Travel, sources of Europe, Does Eastern Europe Still Exist?, The Political and Economic Dimension of the Crisis, EPNet: Big Data & History, , , Lessons from the protest wave in Europe, Big Data Week. Opening session, Introduction to Open Data, Official Conference of Big Data Week 2014, Data Journalism. Work session (V), Data Journalism. Work session (IV), Data Journalism. Work session (VI), Mirador Kosmopolis: Unknown classics and new writers, Big data in astronomy: from Ancient Greece to the present day, , , eARTh observation: data, knowledge, territories and intelligent cities, Big data research into behaviour, A Story of Marginality, An evening with Neil Gaiman, Narrating Google, House of Leaves: Cult literature, Possibilities for dialogue, Cosmopolitanism, Patriotism, Nationalism – Three Roads to Modernity?, , Lessons from cerebral lesions, Brain and virtual reality, The bilingual brain, Brain(s): automatons, accidents and sinthetic evolution, Turó de la Rovira: “The Invisible Intervention”, , P2Pvalue: Collaborative Production Online, Translation and the Myth of the Tower of Babel, Internet Universe (2) // Person, Rubble and Progress, Room, House, Street, Internet Universe (4) // Planet, City and Drama, Internet Universe (1) // Introduction, Internet Universe (3) // City, The Unmapped City, Outskirts, Mediterranean, Sea of Peoples, The Open City, Democracy, Technology and City, Xavier Theros, Lecture by Michael J. Sandel. "This Is Not on Sale!", Reading Machiavelli Today. Dramatised reading by Jordi Boixaderas and lecture by Remo Bodei, Lecture by Catherine Malabou. "Love, Sex and Brain", , , Energy Challenges: Present and Future, 3 scenes. Agency photojournalism, Public presentation of the web documentary “Alma. A Tale of Violence” by Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère, Master class by the photographer Pep Bonet, Master class by the photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana, Presentation of the winning works in the World Press Photo 12 multimedia contest, Open All Areas Barcelona, Lecture by Moisés Naím, Conversation with Yu Hua, Franco Farinelli, , Edward St. Aubyn, , Pub(l)ic space: sexuality and social control in the city, Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles, Evolution and Culture, , Philip Hensher, Presentation of the novel "Cautivas", by Miguel Pajares, Data Journalism. Work session (I), Data Journalism. Work session (IV), Data Journalism. Work session (I), Data Journalism. Work session (III), Data Journalism. Work session (III), Data Journalism. Work session (II), Data Journalism. Work session (II), La Maleta de Portbou, , , CiutatBeta Workshop, Adolescence. Transgression, risk, foster care, Nadeem Aslam, The sense of culture, , , , , TEDxRambles 2013, House of Leaves / La casa de hojas, Thinking Differently, , , Tahar Ben Jelloun. Racism is Still Here and So Are We, II Data Journalism and Open Data Conference, I Data Journalism and Open Data Conference, George Soros. The Crisis and the Future of Open Societies in Europe, , Barcelona lectora: The Travelling Text, Sonia Fernández-Vidal, Fernando Abilleira, Jacinto Antón, Lara Saiz, Barcelona lectora: The Reading Brain, Andreu Buenafuente and Juan José Millás, Thomas Zandegiacomo, , , , Pau Vidal, Ricard Solé i Roderic Guigó, Antonio G. Iturbe and Juan José Millás, Antonio G. Iturbe, Paul Gravett, The Murmur of Superman, , Dave McKean, TEDxYouth@Barcelona, Public space: a citizens' reconquest, A.G. Porta, Jorge Herralde, Jaume Vallcorba, Juan Antonio Masoliver Ródenas, Tamara Vázquez Schröder, Martine Bosman and Sònia Fernández-Vidal, Paul Auster presents "Winter journal", The future of Paral·lel, The legacy of the international community in Afghanistan, Barcelona Debate 2013 - In Common, The state of live music (Barcelona and international circuits), , , , Tibet: silence and revolt, , Talk by Francesco Indovina, Citizenship, Internet and Democracy, "Modern Ruins, a Topography of Lucre", by Julia Schulz-Dornburg, Spain, shock therapy and economic sadism, Physis. From Elementary Particles to Human Nature, , Congrés Disseny 2020, , Global Tourism, Souvenir Cities, , , , , , Meteorology and forest fires, Local Funding, The extended accessibility: keys for the management of public space and sustainable development, Innovation and management strategies in local economic development, Local policies for active aging: challenges and opportunities in a society in constant changes, Smart City Branding, The industry (re)turn. Cities are ready?, Marcelino Menéndez Pelayo and catalan culture, Clinical decisions with patients with Alzheimer, Trends, tensions and prospectives in the Mediterranean, Religion and development. Respelling the world from Africa, Creative industries: learning from Medellin and Barcelona, The collaboration between the State and the Autonomous Communities III, Amin Maalouf: Literature and Return, Richard Peet lecture, Talk by Teju Cole, Feeding the World, México in war, 2012-2013 academic year at the CCCB, , 20th Anniversary of the Olympic Games, I+C+i // APPS for a new culture, I+C+i // Pasolini at the Lab, , Presentation of "Danza de Dragones" by George R.R. Martin, Talk by Doreen Massey, Creative Economy and transformation of the city, Debating catalan economy, Memory and the Formation of Individual and Collective Identities, Computing history in Catalonia and Spain. Our computing history told by its protagonists, Strategies for present and future for local governments, Trends, tensions and prospectives in the Mediterranean, Worlds of Fiction, The novelist as citizen, "The Pleasure of the City", by Xavier Monteys, , Inaugural lecture, The State of Surveillance, The Arab revolutions. Common factors and national particularities, Does Greece have a future?, , Conversation with Paul Preston, To the Origins of the Human Mind, A tribute to Manuel de Solà-Morales, I+C+i // LAB Cities, Museum next, Talk by Herta Müller, Reinventing Democracy in Europe, Architecture and catastrophe, Market against the State, , Xcentric Workshop 2012, PARAL·LEL·POP·UP - Xcèntric Collage Workshop, Vision 2050: the business path towards a sustainable world, Metropolis'13, Metropolis'12, RadiodaysEurope. The European Meeting Point for Radio, Endangered Species: Conservation of Mangabey Primates and Local Communities in Ghana, , , TEDxRamblas: I HAVE AN IDEA, I+C+i // Our Life online, I+C+i. A revolution of education?, I+C+i #3 “The Value of Free Knowledge”, , , Presentation of the book Diario de invierno, , Afghanistan: Challenging the International Exit Strategy, Barcelona Debate 2012 - Virtues, LLUÍS DUCH. Banalisation of the Word, I+C+i #. Intellectual Property in the 21st Century, , Religion and the Public Sphere, OpenWalls Conference 2011, Educational activities of the 18th Barcelona Independent Film Festival, L'Alternativa, Mínima Común Institución, "Universos ocultos: Un viaje a las dimensiones extras del cosmos". Lisa Randall, Design and creation of spaces, Design and creation of spaces, Young People and Values, José Luis Guerin and Jonas Mekas, in conversation, 7.7 Workshops, , , Presentation of the book "Siete años" by Peter Stamm, , Rüdiger Safranski, 9/11: The World ten Years on, Culture and Life, TRANSLATION IN THE FACE OF CASES OF EXTREME VIOLENCE, Book presentation: 4º Lat N. 2.600 msnm., The Transformation of Intimacy, I+C+i #5 // 2.0: from interaction to co-creation, I+C+i. Session #4. Global Screen: Incubating an Exhibition, I+C+i #6. Digital Humanities, Georges Corm, Jonathan Safran Foer presents "Comer animales", The Democratic Imaginary in the Era of Globalization, , I+C+i #3 // Expanded education #2, Mexico Today: Violence and Civil Society, / The conservation of the apes and their habitats, Meeting. The urban development, one of the Keys of the transformation of Medellín, , Metropolis'11, The cultural counter-reform, "Que empiece la fiesta" by Niccolò Ammaniti, McLUHAN GALAXY, The Itinerant Languages of Photography, Aula Xcèntric (Xcèntric Workshop). The Dancing Death, , , Sihem Bensedrine, Javeria Rizvi Kabani i Lali Sandiumenge, Morocco: in Transit, , Writing, publishing and illustration of microformats, BookiMobile, Dawid Marcinkowski, Lluís Calvo, Daniel Pitarch, Marcel Pié Barba, Manel Bayo, Tània Depares, Lope Serrano, Justice, Democracy and the Constitutional State, Manuel Vicent, I+C+i #2 // The Remix as Cultural Ecosystem, I+C+i #1 // SERENDIPITY, Janne Teller, Pau Miró, Josep Maria Miró and Alfredo Sanzol, Thomas Wohlfahrt, Dubravka Ugreši?, Jerzy Jarz?bski, Wojciech Orli?ski, Fernando Ángel Moreno and David Torres, Claudio Magris in conversation with Josep Ramoneda, Wajdi Mouawad and Pablo Ley, Alessandro Baricco, Henry Jenkins (videoconference), Ian McEwan and Jorge Wagensberg, Joan Margarit, Eduardo Lago and Enrique Vila-Matas, Being Immigrant in Catalonia, Barcelona Debate 2011 - Crisis, Disappeared, Paul Auster presents "Sunset Park" - cancelled, International seminar on Neolibral Globalisation, Crisis and Local Governance, , , Peace, Conflict and Security in Africa New, Presentation of the book "The Khmer Rouge Hell" by Denise Affonço, , Chronicles from Overseas, Debates and screenings CINEMA AGAINST THE TIDE: LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN. Dialogues, Confluences, Divergences... in the last 80 years, ADVICE ON ROYALTIES, COPYRIGHT AND CREATIVE COMMONS, Master class “On editing”, , Introduction to experimental animation, Old and new dimensions of inequality, 3rd Conference on Innovation and Cultural Dissemination, Debate THE LEGACY OF ALBERT CAMUS, , , , Broken Dreams. Africa 1960-2010, Round table Historic Memory. The Trial of Judge Baltasar Garzón, CERDÀ POSTMETROPOLIS International Congress Government of Metropolitan Regions in the 21st Century, , National culture and cosmopolitism, Round table: “The City to Come: Futures in Question”, Freeing Culture to be Culture, The new metropolitan streets: to metropolitan city with streets and central squares, The forests of the future. Challenges of Mediterranean forests to climate change, e-City Branding, Foresight and territorial visions: the urban region of Barcelona in Europe and the world, The elderly sick: fragility and autonomy, Rethinking the role of local governments on education policy, The sustainability of health system, The fiscal pact in Latin America: taxation, public policies and development, Where does the State of Autonomies go?, La Informàtica a Catalunya i a Espanya La nostra història informàtica, explicada pels seus protagonistes, / Education: paths to move forward, The digital revolution and the fragmentation of human experience, Why Music? An Interdisciplinary Conversation, Education for development in Latin America: the challenges of the new millennium, The collaboration between the State and the Autonomous Communities, The activities of the zoos in nature. Conservation in situ, development cooperation and the fight against climate change?, The collaboration between the State and the Autonomous Communities, Risk Architecture, The new legal framework for audiovisual media, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND HOUSING POLICIES Challenges in times of crisis, Acompañamiento al final de la vida, Applications of meteorology, Transitions and socio-political conflict in the Mediterranean, / The welfare state is unsustainable in Spain?, New famílies, new policies, Governance in health institutions, Gobierno local: ¿crisis o renovación?, / Towards the new signs of identity century global: Architecture and duck?, Audiovisual media: regulation and development, Ruralisation of African societies: Trap or Opportunity?, City Branding. Art, architecture and tourism, Rethinking Urban Policy 30 years later, Brain and Cognition. Promotion of mental abilities, Local Government: Catalonia. Spain, Europe, Traditional Knowledge, Local Power and Development: African tracks, El Mediterráneo árabe y las revoluciones de 2011, Michael J. Sandel. Against perfection., Martha Nussbaum. Liberty of Conscience., , I+C+i. Cultural Institutions 2.0?, AFRICA VIVE 2010, Lights and Shadows of Barcelona’s Urban Planning, Aula Xcèntric'10, Judith Butler.State Violence, War, Resistance, , , Complex networks: from the genome to the Internet, The camera on your mobile, What can be done with an iPhone?, Exploring the implications of mobile technologies in the contemporary urban culture, #masacritica, Seminar I REGENERATIONS, Seminar 2. LANDSCAPES. Integration of Urban Surroundings, Seminar 3. EXTENSIONS. The New City, Seminar 4 RECYCLING. The Future of Industrial Landscapes, Idith Zertal. Nation and Death, Living with Diversity, , Barcelona Debate 2010 - Thinking the Future, , Taking Networks Literally, , Launch and debate of the book "Por una universidad democrática", , , , Book launch: "La violencia política. Un análisis criminológico" by Vincenzo Ruggiero, , Richard Sennett: “The City and the Craftsman”, The "The 11th Hour" contest, Workshop on personal wind power generators, Debate: “Raval: an Urban Laboratory”, Second Conference Cultural Diffusion and the World Wide Web: Usability and User Experience, Open Sailing, The Solar Century, Energy Autonomy, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, The Sun: a natural source of energy, Open Sailing, Workshop on accessibility in museums, Algiers, Presentation of the book of ANTONY BEEVOR, EL DÍA D. LA BATALLA DE NORMANDÍA, Romanian immigration to Catalonia, , , , , , Help in the process of dying, The new local government, Local development beyond the crisis. Key Local Strategies, (Ir)rational choices: the new models of human behaviour, economics amd hapiness, Social assistance to Alzheimer’s patients, Models of governance and metropolitan cities in Europe, The new local government, The state and social cohesion in Latin America: a look in light of the crisis, Policy and conflict in the Mediterranean, / New Economic Models for Cities, The Architecture and its opponents, The participation of authonomous communities in state institutions, 1989. Europe, Twenty Years on from the Fall of the Wall, Content and scope of freedom of expression in the digital age, Brain and cognition. Stress: Nature, Consequences and Coping, Civil Society and Governance in China, India and Southeast Asia, Insecurity and development. The future of the chronicle African crisis, The current mission of zoos: new allies of biodiversity, Digital competence. Knowledge, skills and attitudes for the Network Society, The effects of the economic crisis in public budgets, Allegory of Time: Architecture and the universe of another Enric Miralles, Return to democracy citizenship, restoring democracy to the citizenry, Impact of Dependency Law on local Government, Debate: “public spaces, between urban planning and landscaping”, Lecture by Marcel Gauchet, Lecture by Jürgen Habermas, The art of conference: workshop on presentation techniques, , , BARRIBROSSA 09. POETRY OF THE STAGE, , Gaza: crime against humanity? The violation of the International Law, International terrorism and violence in Istanbul, Presentation of the book Malas Noticias, Crisis Culture, Iran. 30 Years after the Revolution, Flashes of genius, Take-away Landscapes, Windows to the Universe, Networks, Nodes and Bridges, From Crisis to Transformation, Degrowth as a Way Out of the Crisis, Our Place in the Cosmos, Duba, Aula Xcèntric, the Xcèntric Classroom: Cinema Reinvented, Africa are voices, Europe, 1939. The year of catastrophes, Stories of Africa through self-portraits, Human universals, Immigration: social and cultural capital, Cuba and its futures, Round tables Xperimenta'09, On the Theme of Found Footage, The Exhibition Space (2st course), The Exhibition Space (1st course), , , , At the Gateway to Europe, Qingtian: Chinese Immigration in Barcelona, Barcelona Debate 2009 - Impurity, The Dilemmas of Tibet, , MiniFest of NOW Documentaries, , Cairo, , Max Besora, Raimon Fransoy Cusí, Marcos Ruiz Grande, Ruben Garcia and Alba Muntaner, , , The Force of Anonymity, China. Perspectives on the transformation of an empire, , , , Targeted Publics:, , , , , , Equatorial Guinea, Black Memory, , Literary Journey to Barcelona. Contemporary Czech Literature, Felipe Villa, Ferran Espada, Fuad Saou, Javier Bonomi, Javid Mughal and José Manuel Jarque, Tzvetan Todorov, Andreu Sotorra (Reus), Joan Serra Capellera (Olot) and Antoni López (Lleida), Jordi Costa and Rodrigo Fresán, , Gao Xingjian, José María Espinasa, Jordi Julià and Lluís Calvo, Pierre Joris, Jorge Riechmann, Eduard Escoffet, Gonzalo Escarpa, Enric Casasses, Perejaume, Bartomeu Ferrando, Krzysztof Czyzewski y Chris Keulemans, Hari Kunzru, Arkady Babchenko and Emir Suljagi?, John Giorno, Robert Coover, Roger Bartra and D. Sam Abrams, Joaquín Rodríguez, J. M. Coetzee, David Rieff and Rafael Vilasanjuan, Robert S. Boynton, Amira Hass and Carles Porta, Simon Sellars, Bruce Sterling and V. Vale, Pilote le Hot, Etrit Hasler, Silvia Grijalba and José Luis Cabeza, Editing Editors III, Jon Lee Anderson, Donna Leon and Juan López de Uralde, Dan Gillmor and Francis Pisani, Pierre Joris, Lydia Lunch, Jorge Riechmann, Eduard Escoffet, Gonzalo Escarpa, Enric Casasses, Bartomeu Ferrando, Krzysztof Czyzewski y Chris Keulemans, Toby Litt, Marcial Souto, Agustín Fernández Mallo and Marta Peirano, Bruce Sterling, Antoni Martí Monterde, Dave Eggers, Russell Banks, Elias Khoury, Francesc Bellmunt, Narcís Comadira, Antònia Vicens, Pierre Joris, Jorge Riechmann, Gonzalo Escarpa and Bartomeu Ferrando, Robert Coover, Theodor Holm Nelson, Drago Jan?ar, Carlos Aguilera, Juan Abreu, Ramón Sánchez Lizarralde and Carles Torner, Under the influence, Irene Zoe Alameda, Jordi Carrión, Germán Sierra and Manel Zabala, Metropolis'08, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , X International Colloquium on Geocriticism, Controlling migration in Europe., , , Colin Thubron, Pablo Capanna, Ian Jack, Valerie Miles, Aurelio Major and Rodrigo Fresán, Juan José Saer, Anita Heiss, Adib Khan, Santiago Gamboa, Literary café, Claribel Alegría, Núria Albó and Oriol Ponsa, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, Pere Gimferrer, Bernd Dietz, Cees Nooteboom, Pat Cadigan, José Eduardo Agualusa, Rodney Hall, Alfredo Bryce Echenique, Bernardo Atxaga, Ales Debeljak, Monika Zgustova, Chris Keulemans, Maria Barbal and Bashkim Shehu, Carlos Aguilera, Claudio Guillén, Hoda Barakat and Enric Bou, Juan Villoro, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Alberto Manguel, Javier Reverte, Ursula Kiausch, William Gibson, African voices in the world of development, Wagner Novaes, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Pawel Huelle, Magda Carneci, Ignacio Vidal-Folch, Rolando Sánchez Mejías and Krzysztof Czyzewsky, Abilio Estévez, Carlos Fuentes, Julio Ortega and Nora Catelli, , Martín Arias, Francine Prose, Nicholas Shrady, Brian W. Aldiss, , Roberto Bolaño, Peter Cochrane, Gabriel Jaime Franco, Jean-Claude Carrière, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Maria Antònia Oliver and Volker Glab, Greg Sarris, Pankaj Mishra, , Inaugural event with the participation of Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych, Zoé Valdés, Carlos Aguilera, Jorge Ferrer, Dmitry Prigov and Miriam Reyes, Elisabeth D. Inandiak, Elia Barceló, Javier Negrete, Juan Miguel Aguilera, Miquel Barceló & Marcial Souto, Yasmina Khadra, Juan Francisco Ferré, Eloy Fernández Porta, Germán Sierra, Flavia Company and Imma Monsó., Margery Arent Safir & Michel Rio, Bruno de La Salle, Javier Cercas & David Trueba, Barbara Nadel, Julio Ortega, Beatriz de Moura & Enrique Vila-Matas, Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond & Jorge Wagensberg, Felicity Hand & Makarand Paranjape, Jenny Matthews, Joe Haldeman, Hèctor Bofill, Emili Teixidor, Miquel de Palol, Xavier Bru de Sala, Vicenç Pagès & Jordi Coca, Francesc Torres & Frederic Amat, Agustín Pániker & Òscar Pujol, Nicolás Buenaventura, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Mariano Sánchez Soler, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, Suso de Toro, Juan Madrid & Andreu Martín, Peter Mayer, Valeria Bergalli, Manuel Borrás, Enric Cucurella, Jordi Fernando Aloy, Jorge Herralde and José Pons Bertrán, Eduardo Mendoza, Michel Azama and Christian Renault, Eduard Sanjuán, , Round talbe discussion Art, City and Interculturality, Reading Klub, Workshop Film, Capture, Exhibit, Jordi Julià, Antoni Marí, Francesc Parcerisas and Simona Škrabec, Philip Gwyn Jones, Philip Gwyn Jones, Sebastià Alzamora, Albert Sánchez Piñol, Luis Miguel Solano and Julián Viñuales, Nach, Word Wall Web, InterLibros, El cor del Raval, Speaker's corner, Paul Karasik, Adam Zagajewski, Andy Oram and Santiago Roncagliolo, Josep M. Benet i Jornet, Marcel Beyer, Mercè Ibarz, Chris Keulemans, Mojca Kumerdej and Natalia Tolstaya, Literary podcasting workshops, Marcel Beyer, Julià de Jòdar, Chris Keulemans and Brane Mozetic, Andy Oram, Paul Karasik, Andrej Blatnik, Julià de Jòdar, Chris Keulemans, Lilia Kim, Brane Mozetic and Rolando Sánchez Mejías, Chris Crawford and Marie-Laure Ryan, Vitaly Shentalinsky, Sergei Kostyrko, Jostein Gaarder. For a Universal Declaration of Human Obligations, Tatiana Yankelevich, Alexandr Kushner, Vladimir Arsenijevi? and Tatjana Groma?a, David Shore. Deconstructing Dr. House, Svetlana Alexievich, Lilia Kim and Natalia Tolstaya, Fadéla Amara. Ni Putes ni Soumises, Michel Onfray, Yakov Gordin, Vasilii Golovanov, Mercedes Abad, Empar Moliner and Cristina Peri Rossi., Barcelona, Metacity, Ariadna G. García, Robert Juan-Cantavella, Vicente Luis Mora and Ester Xargay, Juan Marsé and Lluís Izquierdo, Quim Monzó and Julià Guillamon, Marc Hauser, Lee Smolin and Robert Trivers, Roger Chartier. New Partial Magic in the Quixote, Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Sergi Doria, The enigmas of Iran, Tel Aviv, Post-it City. Project presentation, Post-it City. Project presentation, Lahore, Cosmopolitanism. Ethics in a world of strangers, Post-it City. Project presentation, III Architecture Congress ACXT, , , , AULA XCÈNTRIC CCCB, , Post-it City. Occasional Urbanities, Workshop on copyleft, Great Apes, The filmmaker's workshop, The circus and the poetics of risk, Take a risk! Circus workshop at the CCCB, Conversation with Víctor Erice an Abbas Kiarostami, Take a risk!, The filmmaker's workshop, Round tables about Bruguera humor at FNAC, DARFUR, The validity of surrealism, PLACE. The world in a suitcase, Hiperiment, Ecodesign Workshop, Free Software, NEUROTICA: bio, Moist media, Civil society’s role in the ecological crisis, Transgression: Dissipation or Re-invention?, Reclaiming the City, Stuffed and Starved, A World Without Copyright?, Speciesism and the moral consideration of animals, Animate Earth, In praise of darkness, POST-IT CITY., (in)tangibles: nanoperception and quantum world, An Internet of Cultures, Art and Research, , Reclaiming the City: Street Art, Graphic Dissidence and Counter Advertising, The Invisible Conquest:, Neurotica: Habitat, Canaletto, Electronic scene, Take away Landscapes, , I+C+i. Performative conferences, I+C+i. From the Amateur to the Contributor, I+C+i.The Exhibition in the Lab, I+C+i. Liberty, equality and P2P, I+C+i. Expanded education, I+C+i. The future of the archives, I+C+i. Citilab model?, I+C+i - Geneology of I + D, I+C+i. Synthesis, I+C+i. Distributed Economy, I+C+i. GLOBAL SCREEN. Open process, I+C+i. Dear public, I+C+i. Multiplatforms, I+C+i. Bricolage, meaning and intellectual property, I+C+i - The future scenario, I+C+i - Ecodesign in the cultural environment, I+C+i - New Culture on the Internet, I+C+i - Science and culture: an approach from innovation, , Presentation of Ishmael Beah's book, The Process of Creating a Documentary, The Metamorphoses of Communism, War Images, The political transition, Unanswered questions about the transition, On torture, Humour as a political weapon, , , , Urban peripheries, Barcelona Debate 2008 -The human condition, , Vidas Minadas. Diez años después[Ed. BLUME], Barcelona Debate 2002 - Europa com a assignatura, The israeli-palestinian conflict and the Middle East Tragedy., Take-away Landscapes, Metropolis'09, Metropolis'07, Presentation of the book Un nuevo paradigma para entender el mundo de hoy (Paidós 2005), The Cosmopolitan Gaze, Reclaiming the City, Barcelona’s New City Walls, Somalia, the West and the Destruction of Hope., Barcelona Debate 2007 - Sense, The Destinies of Istanbul, Talk by Naomi Klein., , , Thinking Europe, BAC_BLA, Barcelona and foreigners’ social rights. Reality and proposals, The hours that stopped, Global Lies, Local Violence, Populisms, Crisis of Politics, Crisis of Democracy?, Take away cultures, Culture and Presence in the World: From Exportation to Cooperation, (In)visibles cities, Urban traumas, The long silence, Archipelago of exception, At war, 1956 A European year, Breaking the wall, European islam, The transition from the Francoist dictatorship to democracy, Barcelona debate 2004 - Borders, Barcelona Debate 2005 - Passions, Beirut, In praise of hospitality, Write and Survive: Press Freedom in Russia, Chechnya, the silenced conflict, , , Empires from a Worldwide Historical Perspective, Tehran, Mecca, Bringing down the wall II, Forms and conflicts of multiculturalism, Theologies of power, Inclusive cities: challenges of urban diversity, Urban cracks, Thinking Europe, Crossed visions, visions of change, The legacy of Hannah Arendt, Present pasts, Barcelona Debate 2006 - Life, The Photography Book Today, The multilingualism of the universities in the european space of higher education, Territorial strategic planning., Renewable energies: wind and solar, The government of the mobility., Women vs men: intelligence and mental capacities, , Cooperation between public administrations, Migrations and relations between states: an exhausted model?., , Cities and immigration: urban planning and local policies, The atoms of the 21st century, , Elias Canetti, crossroads of cultures, Documentary Cinema Seminar, The mediterranean:, Local Racism, Global Apartheid, La Asociación Euromediterránea en la era de la globalización, Eurasia emergente: ¿Un nuevo "Gran Juego" en torno a Asia Central?, Comunidades autónomas: financiación, solidaridad y políticas de gasto, Neuroethics: Law and the neuroscience of free will, Los retos del derecho urbanístico local del siglo XXI, La regulación de la libertad audiovisual, Multiculturalidad. 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The ring heard around the world, How Kevin Bacon cured cancer, The Century of the Self, Hello Africa, Selection of short films presented at different mobile film festivals, Selection of short films presented at the MovilFilmFest, Spain, La voz a ti debida by Antonio Girón Serrano, BAFF 2010, ANIMAC AT CCCB. Panique au village, Gandules'10, Denominació d’Origen (DO) - 5th Anniversary, Fila Zero: 53 días en invierno (53 days in winter) by Judith Colell, Fila Zero: Los condenados [The Condemned] by Isaki Lacuesta, Fila Zero presents the film SON & MOON, by Manuel Huerga, Fila Zero presents de film GORDOS, by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, FILMING IS SEEING, Filming small change. The documentaries of Óscar Pérez, CacaBoum! Punk in France…, Cacaboum! Punk in France (2): avant-punk, Sounds brilliant. From sounds to images, The Black & Light Series (3), INAUGURATION OF SEASON 10 Xcèntric. 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From the banlieues to Can Tunis., Palabras de una revolución (Words of a revolution) Jaime Rosales, 1998, 10 min., HE FENGMING, Xi Yang Tang (Happy Valley), Wang Bing, 2009, T4-Barajas Puerta J50 (T4-Barajas Gate J50), Jaime Rosales, 2009, HOME by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Africalls?, The Planet, I.O.U.S.A., , The Story Of Stuff, ANIMAC AT THE CCCB'09, Calling All Aliens: Search In Space, Jay Rosenblatt. Lives reinterpreted, Amorous psychogeography, Outside the format: Fluxus, Direct Cinema. Portraits, Contemporary Experimental Finnish Film, Jean-Louis Comolli: Filming the Creative Process, Portraits of cinema directors, Errol Morris, Andy Warhol’s fixed gaze, Pierre Clémenti. Cinema producer, Jem Cohen: Classics and New Videos, The Shared Screen, Celebration of a generation of cinema directors, Gustav Deutsch, Pasolini and art film: La Rabbia (1963-2008), Raymond Depardon. La Vie moderne, Small Country, Creative Superpower: Estonian Animation, On the fringe of politics, Vertov / Kubelka, City and Landscapes. Peter Hutton (1972-2004), Outside the format: Fluxus II, From Lebanon. Je veux voir., Darezhan Omirbaev, The witness, Projections Xperimenta'09, Docúpolis 2009, BAFF 2009, Gandules'09, OVNI 2009. Rhizomes, LA FORTERESSE (The Fortress), Documentary ROUGH CUT by Firouzeh Khosrovani, BARCELONA, CHINESE CITY: Does Beijing still exist?, Year 3. 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Harun Farocki, Painters Painting, Super 8, Little big format, The incandescent machine age, workshop on 16 mm film, Tràfic 08, Tràfic 09, Tràfic 10, Festival of video clip artists. year 3, When the Telescope Came [PREMIERE], Metformin [PREMIERE], On Miles Platting Station [PREMIERE], , CINERGIES. Catalan cinema in dialogue with..., CINERGIES. Catalan cinema in dialogue with..., La flor más grande del mundo, Unlike Different Types [Premiere], Herzog and the Monsters, A tale about the animated image [Premiere], Herzog and the Monsters, Hansel i Gretel, Ballardian film marathon, On Translation: Miedo, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, Video-poetry collection, "Fragments", Freedom Highway, Lou Reed, Rock & Roll Heart, Poetry in motion 2, The Paris Review… Early Chapters [Premiere], Renaissance, Delivery, Jona/Tomberry, Vos papiers!, Delivery, New York in the Fifties [Premiere], Jona/Tomberry, Much ado about Something, Burroughs: The movie, Écrire pourquoi, Haikus by Broughton, Barber and Strand, O amor natural, Haikus de Jonas Mekas, Paul Auster Confidential, Milli Milli, Hand to mouth, Ungaretti racconta Ungaretti, Passage Sets, Pull my Daisy, Dostoevsky’s Travels, Poem #8, Apostrophes. Marguerite Duras, The man with the beautiful eyes, Let it come down: The life of Paul Bowles, Constructed Passage being Elsewhere, Apostrophes. 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Baldy Poems written and read by Leonard Cohen, Poetry in Motion, Too many captain Cooks, Salvador Espriu, Portrait de Borges en Aleph, Jegyzokönyv, Mansfeld réter emlére (Court Record, In Memoriam Péter Mansfeld) [Premiere], Ladies and Gentlemen, Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity selected by the UNESCO, CONFLICTS!, Dam/Age, Kali, des livres et des femmes, Orwell – Against the Tide. Homage to Catalonia, Jean Genet in Chicago [Premiere], Nebil Özgentürk (Nobel and Memories) [Premiere], Crash [Premiere], Seres extravagantes: una biografía de Reinaldo Arenas narrada por sí mismo, How Is Your Fish Today? [Premiere], J. G. Ballard: Shangai Jim [Premiere], MICEC’08, El mundo de Gao, Dust [Premiere], I’m (Not) Van Gogh, Kapitanskaya Dochka (The Captain’s Daughter) [Premiere], Future Now [Premiere], Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Mahâbhârata, Silent Shakespeare, The United States of Poetry [Premiere], The United States of Poetry [Premiere], Roland Barthes: TV Degree Zero, The United States of Poetry [Premiere], Thomas Bernhard, Julio Cortázar, apuntes para un documental, Blauwblauw, Thomas Pynchon – A journey into the mind of [P.], Brook par Brook, portrait intime, La Délivrance de Tolstoï, Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, Nine Poems in Basilicata, The Body of a Poet. A Tribute to Audre Lorde, The Jodorowsky Constellation, Blauwblauw, Home movies: artist's (auto)portrait, James Ellroy’s Feast and Death, Irgendo Dazwischen. Autor/Innen Aus Ex-Jugoslawien Im Exil (Somewhere in between. Writers from former Yugoslavia in exile), Resistencia: Hip-Hop en Colombia, 3 Days in a Letter’s World [Premiere], Nine Poems in Basilicata, Derrida, Joseph Brodsky, Slingshot Hip Hop [Premiere], El Cuento de Héctor, Dashiell Hammett: Detective, Writer, Bela Bela. What Keeps Mankind Alive, We are not your monkeys, Blauwblauw, The United States of Poetry [Premiere], Dicht/Vorm (Regen) [Premiere], Wholly Communion, Nine Poems in Basilicata, John W. Campbell’s Golden Age of Science Fiction, Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light, Qaeda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet, Story, Shooting Rhymes and Cutting Verses, Edge, Jetzt im Kino, En marge, Kanakster, Isch Lebe Für Hiphop!, Serbian Epics, Kavkazkie Plenniki (Prisoners of the Caucasus), First Kill, On painting: the artists studio, La Dernière Lettre, The film in process I, Puetes, Paraules al vent: Max Besora, On photography, The film in process II, Une charogne [Premiere], Desires [Premiere], Lines, The Pit and the Pendulum, Une charogne [Premiere], Kafka Inaka Isha (Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor), ZEBRA Poetry Film Award [Premiere], Loop Diverse, ZEBRA Poetry Film Award, Vidéo-Haiku, Rabbit, Trains of Winnipeg. 14 film poems, The tell tale heart, To Those Born After, At the Quinte Hotel, Nervous, Heartless Moscow. The world of Vladimir Sorokin, Joseph Brodsky, The case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Halbes Leben, Who I am and what I want, Zizek!, Cercanías, Nome, Film by Samuel Beckett, Grande anarca, Guy 101, Shanghai, mon amour. Mian Mian's nights, Der wackelatlas, sammeln un jagen mit H. C. Artmann, Carta de Franz Kafka a Felice Bauer, 14 de noviembre de 1912, Left lane. On the road with folk poet Alix Olson, Over phenomena & existences No. 3, Samuel Beckett – Silence to silence, Gratte-papier, Keep not silent, Bukowski born into this, Radio Nikosia, 4, Panajedrez Borgiano, Ephèbes et courtisanes, Hard drive (A:), Portrait of a bookstore as an old man, Bewogen, L’écrivain, Wandering words, The term, Primiti Too Taa, Nebel, Book, Angela’s ashes: Typographical experience, Solitude, Gentle spirit, Poetry-clips vol.1, The comb (from the museums of sleep), Poem - Ich setzte den Fuss in die Luft, und sie trug, Towers open fire, Abschied von Buckow, Three poems by Spoon Jackson, Street of crocodiles, Mundo Babel, Pa Tak, The Man Who Waited, Nur Gewölk [Premiere], Abécédaire, Le carnet rouge (The Red Notebook) [Premiere], Tyger, Dada (A Pseudomentary) [Premiere], Leviathan, Le carnet rouge (The Red Notebook) [Premiere], Don Kishot be'Yerushalaim, Barry Gifford wild at heart in New Orleans, Generation, PoeTix, 15th February, Kill your idols, 9 canciones y una caja de música, Glasgow Report, Joaquim Jordà and Julià Guillamon, CINERGIES. Catalan cinema in dialogue with..., Passing the Rainbow / Views of Kabul, This month, Rubén Santiago, Screening of Una Peli, of Ricardo Coral, This month, Arturo Fuentes, This month, Jaume Pitarch, This month, Benet Román, This month, Nicolás Méndez, This month, Virgínia García del Pino, This month, Johan Kramer’s 44, This month, Alba Sotorra, What is a Woman II, Sue Friedrich and Gunvor Nelson, After 68 (I), After 68 (II), Celestial Times, FRONTIERS: Experimental / Documentary / Non-fiction / Film-Essay / etc., Routes through art, Histories of Cinema, París/Berlín (Marker/Kramer), Bodies of Light, What is a Woman I, (1971-2003), The dream of release, Gandules'03, PLACE. The world in a suitcase, Film cycle AT WAR at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, Documentaries At War, After the news. Postmedia documentaries, Imaginary architectures, Gandules'07, NorthSouthEastWest, Gandules'08, Parallel Universes, The Future of Food, Earthlings, 2004, 95', Good Copy, Bad Copy, L'Alternativa 2010, L'Alternativa 2008, L'Alternativa 2009, Docúpolis 2008, BAFF 2008, The Corporation, 2004, 145', VOSE, Invisible, Reclaim Power, Darwin's nightmare, MINIPUT 2006, This month, Claudia Terstappen and Karl Ghattas, The Centre de fotografia documental de Barcelona screens Night and day, Luis Baylón and Miguel Trill, The legacy of Hannah Arendt, Documentary: Ni vieux, ni traîtres (Neither old nor traitors) 90', This month, Andrés Duque, Urban Cracks, This month, Fèlix Pérez-Hita, Conference for sensitization towars Colombia, This month, Raúl Arroyo, This month, Iván Domínguez, El mil, L'Alternativa 2006, Art Tech Media 06, Gandules'06, Docúpolis 2006, Cycle of video forums, Centre de Fotografia Documental de Barcelona screens: 50 years of AFAL, The Unnamed Zone, Catalunya negra by Gilbert-Ndunga, This month, David Blanco, MICEC 06, OVNI 2006, Beirut: civil pleasures, civil wars, FLUX, Red Card for Spanish Film, BAFF 2006, Between the dictator and me, Documentary photography workshops and screenings, Accompanying film cycle to Víctor Erice/Abbas Kiarostami, Conference. High Tension in Teheran, L'Alternativa 2005, Centre de Fotografia Documental de Barcelona screens “¡A la calle!”, with photographs by Danny, BarceDona, A letter to True, Apuntarse a un bombardeo, Catarsis, Presentation of the audiovisual “Miquel Bauçà: poeta invisible”, EXIT, el derecho a morir, Minutos musicales con Sr. Chinarro, Hai que botalos, Centre de Fotografia Documental de Barcelona screens Ricard Terré, Grozny, chronicle of a disappearance, 1st International Congress on Contemporary European Film, Mecal 2005 + Mecal Music Festival, Chagas, un mal escondido, Gandules'05, Docúpolis 2005, ... Plus surrealist film on Sunday mornings, BAFF 2005, Centre de Fotografia Documental de Barcelona screens Joan Guerrero, Political Film Festival of Barcelona'05, Surrealist Nights, Kill them all!, OVNI 2005 Resistances, Bush in 30 seconds, Gandules'04, Hipnotik Meeting 2004, , Screening of documentaries made in the Capture the Raval video workshop, International Human Rights Film Festival, Ciudad Refugio, Children's animated film sessions CONFLICTS!, Docupolis 2004, L'Alternativa 2004, Diaporama '04, Mecal 2004, Cita a Tombuctú (based on the novel Cita a Tombuctú by Pep Subirós), Monographic screenings: Julián Álvarez, BAFF 2004, Iran under the Skin, Sighting 03 / Observatori Archives / OVNI - Observatori de Video No Identificat, Winners of the film review competition, This month Arturo Bastón, This month, Oriol Sánchez, Bucarest, la memòria perduda (Bucharest, lost memory), , , , Takahiko Iimura, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Goodbye resfest, , , , , , , , , , OVNI 2008, , , The process of the possible, , , , , , , , , , , , , MINIPUT 2007, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Pink Floyd, , , , , , , , , , Sergueï Dvortsevoï, , , , Hou Hsiao-Hsien, , , , , , , Flicks & loops (nowadays), , , , , Ron Rice, Keuken, Kaufmann, Godard, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Jia Zhang-ke, Laure Prouvost and Oliver Michaels, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Euroafricans by Luís Vidal, Henri Langlois, Peter Weiss: In a Divided World II, Charles Burnett, Eugeni Bonet, “val-del-omarià” medium, Guerin: Notes of travel and portraits, Pat O’Neill, Nikolai Izvolov. The art of reconstruction, Peter Weiss: In a Divided World I, Pop films, , James Benning: històries del paisatge, XCÈNTRIC NIGHT, Animated Documents, Kira Muratova, , Miranda Pennell/John Smith, Reprises, Jonas Mekas, The Living Theatre, Santiago Álvarez: assembly revolutions, Market of images, Shape of the moon (Stand van de maan), In Parallel with “In Transition”, L’Alternativa 2007, Docúpolis 2007, , Premiere at the CCCB of the documentary DeNadie by Tin Dirdamal, Off the map, In transit, The search for the other, Getaways, Rediscovering the territory, Audiovisual installation with original work and artistic direction by Frederic Amat, NÓMADAS (NOMADS), MICEC 07, Screenings, Screenings, OFFF'06, OFFF'07, OFFF'05, Let’s make the world everyone’s land., This month, Marianela Vega, This month, Andrés Duque, This month, Ernesto Kofla, This month, Jordi Oliver, This month, Lope Serrano, This month, Emmanuelle Lippé & Bertil Dubach, This month, Peter Welz, This month, Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, Screening Stan Brakhage, , , Festival LOOP’07, , Frans van de Staak, Stan Brakhage breaking the silence, Jem Cohen, Talking to Strangers. Attended by Rob Tregenza, , , , , , , , , , , , , Miklós Ács, , , Pedro Costa, Edward Burtynsky by Jennifer Baichwal, Claude Lanzmann, , The Dreyer's shortfilms, , , , , , America’s in real trouble: Radical/political cinema of the 1960s & 1970s, , Érik Bullot, William Klein, , , , BAFF 2007, This month, Kikol Grau, Dies Irae ( Vredens Dag ), The old woman and evil. About Vampyr, This month, Kike Barberá, The Word (Ordet). The madman's turn to speak, Gertrud. Gertrud or plenitude, Michael (Mikaël). From expressionism to essentialism, This month, Blanca Casas, Du Skal Ære Din Hustru. The master of the house, RAVAL. Cosmopolitan Territory, THE LLOBREGAT. The fringes of the urban soil, BESÒS. Metropolitan river, EL CARMEL AND NOU BARRIS. From the Right to Housing to the Right to a City, THE BARCELONETA. Maritime city, THE POBLENOU. Productive City, La Sagrera - Sant Andreu - Sant Martí. Three districts in the process of transformation, 2015 com a possibilitat, Los esqueiters, Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima, Barribrossa 2015, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Performance "Casa Plarre", Performance "Casa Plarre", Lapsus Festival, BAM'07, Primera Persona 2015, BCNmp7. Waist down, BCNmp7. Hall of mirrors: Gallery of extreme covers, BCNmp7. Metallurgies, BCNmp7. Panorama: Barcelona Black, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Emergència! 2015, Anniversary Promenade. Joan Vinyoli tribute, BCNmp7. Musical Policies, , The Living Room, Autum Concerts 2014 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, BCNmp7. Barcelona, Magnetic City, Hipnotik Festival 2014, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Nadia, Shakespeare on the Beat, Pròxims, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, BCNmp7. The Industrial/New Wave Scene in Barcelona in Perspective, BCNmp7. «It Kills Me but I Love It»: Genealogy of Zeidun, Primera Persona 2014, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Caudorella 2014, Brunch Electronik Barcelona, Lapsus Festival, Poetry Slam Barcelona, BCNmp7. Uncontrollable Music, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Emergència! 2014, , Street's voices. Rosa Novell says Espriu, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, ZeppelinComprimit2013, Escena Poblenou: Course for Spectators, Barribrossa 2013, La Llum a les Ones 2013, Dramatized reading of the play "Calderón" by Pier Paolo Pasolini, BCNmp7. MinimAcció, BCNmp7. Club Culture, Hipnotik Festival 2013, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Parallel activities, Jo mai, Montaldo, Sónar 2013 | Closing Night, Storytelling Workshop with Alejandra Hurtado, Workshop with Marçal Font, Workshop with Marc Kelly Smith, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Primera Persona 2013, BCNmp7. The progressive rock of the 70s in the Peninsula, BCNmp7. Analog Music, Poetry Slam Barcelona, BCNmp7. Influencers, Poetry Slam Barcelona, David Carabén, Glissando*, Bläue, Pulpopop, Olvido García Valdés, Chefa Alonso, Poetry Slam Barcelona, Raimon reads Joan Fuster, Poetry Slam Barcelona, The Pianola on the Paral•lel, Asia Festival at CCCB, Hipnotik Festival 2012, ZeppelinExpandit2012 - BarcelonaSoLímit, ZeppelinExpandit2012 - CageMixTuring, FESTFOIX: 25 years with/out J. V. Foix, Concert: “Remembering Piazzola”, Dies de dansa 2012, Sónar'12, ZeppelinExpandit2012, Barcelona Poetry 2012, Primera Persona 2012, BCNmp7. Neocalorrisme: Rumba & Underground, BCNmp7.The Culture of Re cycling, Emergència! 2013, Emergència! 2012, , ZEPPELIN 2011: Sounds under Review: a City Network, , BCNmp7. Music in process, BCNmp7. ‘The Perfidy of Your Love’, Sound Intentions at the CCCB, CONSERVAS AT CCCB, Jaime Casas, Miqui Otero, Adrián de Alfonso, Borja Rosal, DJ de la Muerte, Kiko Amat, Jaime Casas and Isra Marcos, 18 Festival de Flamenco de Ciutat Vella, Sonarkids'11, Hipnotik Festival 2011, Dies de dansa 2011, Sonar'11, ANTI SAINT VALENTINE’S, LP’11, INFERNO, Chris "Ventriloquist" Redmond, Laura Dockrill, D'bi.young Anitafrika, Malika Ndlovu, Lukasz Szalankiewicz – Zenial, Francesca Beard, Nicolás Buenaventura, Marta Gómez and Souleymane Mbodj, Emergència! 2011, Zeppelin'10. Sounds in Question, Autum Concerts 2010 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, , , Nits Salvatges, Autum Concerts 2009 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, CCCB jam sessions, “within arm’s reach”, Opening concert of the exhibition The Century of Jazz in the Pedrera of Caixa Catalunya, Dance for the Family, Opening concert exhibition "Gangs of the 80s. Cinema, Press and Street", eRikm + Ferran Fages, Dies de dansa 2009, Dies de dansa 2010, Zeppelin'09. Sounds of Power / Listening of Fear. Call for electronic sound works, LP’09, Fast Forward 2009, InnMotion 2009, Fast Forward 2010, GRUP 21, METAMEMBRANA. Interactive landscape, Joan Saura concert, Of All the People In All the World..., Autumn Concerts 2008 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, Autumn Concerts 2008 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, Miqui Otero and Ciaran Canning, Philipp Engel, Don the Tiger IX i Rafael Romero, La Brigada Dj's, Gnawa Grossroads, Robyn Hitchcock, Bartra on the Wing, Nuyorican Poets Café Team, Edmond Baudoin and Carol Vanni, Slam Contest, Bartra on the Wing, Max, Calpurnio, Sonia Pulido and Neosol, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, Roger Bernat, John Giorno, Alpha Decay + Pablo Maffi, Fast Forward 2008, Pirate Kim, Salvador Boix and Pep Salvat, El Chavo, Jahbitat, Funkvice, Soul Divos, DJ Lermerk, Roty 340, IZM and Arma Blanca, Cèlia Millán, Xavier Fort and Jaume Badrenas, Robin Deacon, Taban lo Liyong, Àngels Margarit and Joan Saura, Nolan Weekes, Malika booker, Anthony Joseph, Charlie Dark and DJ A-Cyde, Arnaldo Antunes, Rafael Escalona, Lydia Lunch, Joaquín Sabina, Morgan Yasbincek, Sohn, Brian W. Aldiss and Ursula Kiausch, Anita Heiss, Silvia Medeiros, Julio Jung, Horacio Fumero and Albert Bover, Quico Cadaval, Jowandi, Pauline McLeod, Nicolás Buenaventura, Soul Divos, Frank T, Manuel Rivas, Josep-Maria Balanyà, Lluís Llach, The Ex, Momus, Oriol Broggi, Beatspoke, Bano, Dejota Soyez, El Chojin, Metro, Tremendo, Welelo and Saul Williams, Oral session: stories, stories and more stories, Oral storytelling, Dr. Martín + Jaime Casas, Manel Fontdevila, Max and Albert Monteys, Mogador, Bruno Galindo and Miguel Gil Tertre, Tremendo, Payo Malo, Ose, Zenit, DJ Soyez, DJ Jekey, Metro, Nzi Dada, Dennis Rollins, Dancing in family, BCNmp7. Marathon Jazz, BCNmp7 Music in process, BCNmp7. City, Rumba and Fusion, BCNmp7. Digital Global Radio, BCNmp7. Pop can also be read, BCNmp7. Music in your head, BCNmp7 Music in process. Casablanca Hip Hop, BCNmp7 Take-away Concerts, BCNmp7 Music in process. Cheering on Barcelona Pop, BCNmp7. Emergency Fest, BCNmp7. Music and science, Periòdic '03: Trash culture, Death in Baghdad, 15th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, 17th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, 16th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, Dies de dansa 2008, Hipnotik Meeting 2008, Sónar'05, Hipnotik Festival 2010, Hipnotik Festival 2009, Sónar'10, Acta publica, Zeppelin'08. 10th Sound Art Festival, Sónar'09, Sónar'08, SonarKids, SonarKids'10, BCNmp7. BCN sound: NOW, Concert at the CCCB 20 years since Chernobyl, BAM'06, Autum Concerts 2006 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, A thousand and one voices, 8th International Cycle of Musical Influences, New and Pocket Opera Festival, 1st Barcelona Percussion Festival, Sónar'04, BCNmp7. Agit pop, 13th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, BCNmp7. The music industry and free culture, 11th Ciutat Vella Flamenco Festival, Hipnotik Meeting 2004, BCNmp7. Music criticism, Dies de dansa 2006, Autumn Concerts 2004 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, BCNmp7. Music in process. Live!!! New formats, BCNmp7. 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Music of the Future, Dies de dansa 2004, Autum Concerts 2007 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana, Hipnotik Meeting 2007, Barcelona Acció Musical, Lábrys, BCNmp7. The summer hit, InnMotion 2007, Horitzons, Dies de dansa 2007, Sónar'07, Magdalena Festival Connected Pieces, LP'07, 14th Flamenco Festival of Ciutat Vella, BCNmp7. Global Raval, BCNmp7. The revivers, BCNmp7. Soundtracks, BCNmp7. Cover versions, copies and tributes, BCNmp7. Border Music, Habitació1418, Habitació1418, Habitació1418, Habitació1418, Habitació1418, Habitació1418, Are you public?, Museums Night and Day 2015, Proposta 2004, Món Llibre 2015, Open Radio'05, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Doropædia, , Ganga-à-porter, CMYK, eBent'04, , Flic Festival Barcelona, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, , II Philosophy Olympiad, Sebald with the family. Storytelling with images, , , , Kosmopolis 2015, Drap-Art'14, The Influencers 2004, The Influencers 2006, The Influencers 2005, Cultural Innovation International Prize, The Influencers 2014, , , Kosmopolis 2015. Hackathon for developers, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, , , Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Metamorphosis seen by..., Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Habitació 1418, Awards ceremony of the 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space winners, Habitació 1418, , Habitació 1418, Sonar+D: Data Cuisine Workshop with Moritz Stefaner and Susanne Jaschko, , , , , , , , , Data Jam with Telenoika and Outliers, Talk and presentation by Civio: "Quién Manda" and workshop (Hackathon), , , Culturnautes, Metamorphosis: a map beyond the CCCB, Pis(o) Pilot(o) with the family. The house where I want to live, , Museum Day and Night 2014, Món Llibre 2014, Between Images, Underground City, Habitació 1418, Visit the Mirador, Flic Barcelona, MIRA Lab, Drap-Art’13, The Influencers 2013, Art and crisis. Moshekwa Langa, Christina Nakou, Rustum Kozain, Orfeas Apergis, , Workshop for young people. The Wild View, Perejaume. Installation, , Orwell Day, Museum Day and Night! 2013, Bookcamp III, Món Llibre 2013, Kosmopolis. International Literature Fest, , Sònia Garcia (Institut Ramon Llull)., Ricard Mateu (Mobil Unit at the CTTI), Damià Gallardo (Laie CCCB), Ricardo Rendon (Abracadabra llibres), Josep Cots (Llibreria Documenta), Paco Camarassa (Negra y Criminal). Moderated by Martín Gómez (, , Arantxa Mellado (Actualidad editorial), Carlos A. Scolari, Noemí Pes (La tortuga Casiopea), Pablo Barrio Aller (Ganso y Pulpo), Radamés Molina, Ed Maklouf (Siine). Moderated by Martín Gómez (, , Il futuro [PREMIERE], Sven Huber (Boolino), Jordi Ingerto (BookMovies), Fernando Diego Garcia (Libros del Zorro Rojo), Joan Subirats, Rubén Martínez, Valeria Bergalli (Editorial Minúscula), Ester Andorrà (La Breu edicions), Diana Hernández (Blackie Books) and Aniol Rafel (Edicions del Periscopi). Modera Martín Gómez (, Lucrecia Baquero (Guia minúscula), Lluís M. Abián (Ilubuc), Paula Jarrin (Llibreria Al•lots). Moderated by Martín Gómez (, , Martín Gómez (, Àlex Espinós (La Magnética), Gran Slam Barcelona, Alexandra Büchler (Literature Across Frontiers), Francesc Serés, Eman Abd El-Hamid, Marc Dueñas (Institut Ramon Llull), Radamés Molina (Red Ediciones), Karma Peiró, Silvia Clemares (Kobo Inc.), Ernest Pons, Maria Cardona, Enric Senabre (Goteo), Jaume Balmes (El Taller Editorial), Xavier Dumont (Barcelona Activa), Neus Mèlich and Sergi Orobitg (Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial-ICEC), Alexandra Rueda and Itziar Blasco (Barcelona Activa), Ignasi Labastida, Office for the Dissemination of Knowledge of the University of Barcelona (UB) and president of Creative Commons España, Kosmopolis 2013 Opening: Jaume Cabré, Àlex Rigola, Pablo Ley, Joan Carreras, Andreu Benito, demanoenmano, Joan Colomo, Alícia Fernández, Isidre del Valle, David Jou, Marta García-Matos, Third Edition of the BCN-Medellín International Reading Club, Paul Rainey, Karrie Fransman, Joana Brabo, Krzysztof Czyzewski, Juan de Diego, Eduard Escoffet, Carles Hac Mor, Josep Pedrals, Rogelio Saunders, Bashkim Shehu, Nermin Yildirim, Monika Zgustova, , Flic Barcelona, Jorge Carrión and Nacho Vigalondo, , Drap-Art’12, FADfest - Barcelona Design Festival'12 at CCCB, Herta Müller: The Vicious Circle of Words, "Punto y Raya Junior", "Punto y Raya Junior", Installation Ubiquography, , Museum Night: Xcèntric Night, AlzheimART, , Món Llibre 2012, Closing session of the 2nd FLIC, The Influencers 2012, The European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012, The Global Screen virtual platform, 48H OPEN HOUSE BARCELONA. Visit the TEATRE CCCB, Asia Festival, Free visit and presentation of the exhibition "Brangulí. Barcelona 1909-1945", ¡URGENTE! #02 Public square, Silver Wedding to the rocks, International Day of Museums, FADFEST FESTIVAL, Museum Night, Sesión BookCamp 2011: Archinhand. Novus Libris Anatomia, Bookcamp 2011 Session: Small formats for small children, Bookcamp 2011 Session: Electronic literature vs. digital literature, Bookcamp 2011 advice: Intellectual property and Creative Commons, BookCamp 2011 session: Hybrid novels: publishing design and reading experience, BookCamp Session 2011: Towards a future without books in libraries?, BookCamp 2011advice: 2.0 Publishing, BookCamp Kosmopolis 2011 Session: Workshop on the promotion of a novel by a new author, BookCamp 2011 Advice: Literary apps for mobile devices, BookCamp 2011 Session: On the artist's book, BookCamp 2011 Session: Aspects of the publishing industry in the digital era, Teatre CCCB, BookCamp Session 2011: Virtual readings, BookCamp Session 2011: Social publishing with Booki, BookCamp 2011 Session: DRM. The devil's best move, BookCamp 2011 Session: What can we do to get them to read us?, BookCamp Session 2011: Lostology, Bookcamp Session 2011: Digital literature. Searching for new expression forms, BookCamp 2011 Session: Open work. Real-time online writing, BookCamp 2011 Session: Sharing is not stealing, Redada a Barcelona, Twitterature, Drap-Art‘11, OFFF Let’s feed the future, Món Llibre 2011, The Influencers 2011, URGENT!, Xavier Theros, Ajo, Chris Keulemans, Gonzalo Escarpa, Albert Balasch, Xavier Maristany, D’bi.young Anitafrika, Malika Ndlovu, Francesca Beard, Afterpop. Fernández&Fernández, Poemact, New Literary Cartography of Barcelona, Transoceanic readings, Bcn 2355, Poetry Slam K2011, BookCamp, , BOOKCAMP SESSION: Literary reading habits. At the crossroads between the analogical and digital world, BOOKCAMP SESSION: #twpo and #twna bifestival, Nueva Ágora, , BOOKCAMP SESSION: Reading and 2.0 tools. The experience of Biblioteques de Barcelona, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Atomizing the city, , BOOKCAMP SESSION: Shifting control, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Minority languages and digital literature: threats and opportunities, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Intellectual property and authors’ royalties, K ARCHIVES, BOOKCAMP SESSION: The publishing job within the social web, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Illustrated chidren’s books and new technologies, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Paper technologies, BOOKCAMP SESSION: From p-to e-book, symptoms of a major cognitive change, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Bibliophrenia, BOOKCAMP SESSION: Mobile devices, lecture and mBooks, , BOOKCAMP SESSION: Ebooks and knowledge, breaking the limits and creating new possibilities, BOOKCAMP SESSION: the evolution of read/write interfaces. From the papyr to the iPad, Interacció 2010, Asia Festival, BREAK OUT 6.0, Café Amsterdam, BOOKCAMP, Award ceremony of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2010, Umbrales_ePORMUNDOS, Pez de Plata, Guided visits by..., EXPANDING09. 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