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  • November 23, 24 and 25, 2006


    Presentation of the archives of a mínima:: magazine

    a mínima:: is a project intended to raise awareness of works by artists and researchers interested in involving science and technology in art and culture. Since 2003, it has built up a large archive of documents and has set up a network between various collaborators. The project takes the form of a printed publication issued every two months as a book.

    Surfme is based on short itineraries along simple routes that will give the public access to a large number of the articles and works published in a mínima::. The public attending NOW will be able to consult the entire archive (the paper publication as well as on-line documentation) and to follow four short reading itineraries suggested by artists and theorists connected with the project.


  • April 21st and 22nd, 2006

    Sonoscop Archives - Orquestra del Caos

    A selection from the Sonoscop archives about a segment of the electromagnetic spectrum which, though inaudible, has particular importance for sound creation: radio microwaves. The selection comprises three types of works based on the digital decoding process that renders them audible. Artistic works designed for the radio, such as those created by Ernst Jandl, Roz Cheney, Steve Roden and Darren Copeland; artistic works based on the digital treatment of sounds produced by microwaves, like those by Tod Dockstader, Disinformation, Javier Ariza and Stephen McGreevy, plus a sample of the sounds generated by astronomical research, with material from the NASA, the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville and the Cassini RPWS project.

  • November 29, 30 and December 1, 2007

    Radio Art - Orquestra del Caos

    Radio Art is an interactive exhibition of radio art and sounds from the electromagnetic spectrum.

    It contains the following collections:

    1. Radio Astronomy: a selection of works presented at the Acoustic Space Lab symposium, which took place in August 2001 in Irbene, in the forests of Western Lapland, at the foot of a 32-meter diameter radio astronomy dish, built and operated during Soviet times.

    2. Radio Art: a selection of electro-acoustic works selected by Ferran Cuadras for radio broadcasting on the FM waveband.

    3. SoundRadioDoc: online documentation on radio art.


  • March 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2009

    Atlas of the Electromagnetic Space

    A project by José Luis de Vicente and Irma Vilà
    Co-production with the AV Festival, England

    Rarely do we pay attention to what is happening in radio-electric space, in spite of the fact that we could not live without it. From mobile phones to aviation, from the Internet to radio and television; more and more things depend on this part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Atlas of the Radio-Electric Spectrum is an interactive installation that visually represents the structure and topology of this invisible space, the assignation of the range of frequencies for the different communication protocols and the cultural, scientific and artistic interventions that currently exist within it.