Edition November 23, 24 and 25, 2006

Permanent spaces

Each edition of the project NOW explores several of its thematic areas, in a coexistence that highlights their interrelation.

  • Queries & Downloads

    Queries & Downloads is a space of dialogue between the groups, collectives and institutions linked to the CCCB.

    Bank of Common Knowledge (BCC)

    A Platoniq.net project

    What would you like to be able to do but have never found someone to explain it to you? How many things are you sufficiently expert in to be able to teach them to someone else? Do you know someone who knows or does something valuable, intriguing or special? Can you use your P2P not just to share and consume knowledge, but also to produce and swap it?

    BCC is a pilot project on the exchange economy, an initiative to make the most of and to collectively index the new, self-generated knowledge that has emerged as a result of the widespread mastery of new technology and digital networks.

    BCC is a training ground for prosumers (producers - consumers), a field of collective action based on the transfer of knowledge and mutual education, a laboratory for conducting experiments with citizenship and new ways of producing, learning and involvement.

    BCC combines the organisation of activities in an open modular space divided into capsules of information, in which experiences in sharing are presented, with workshops, free consultations with experts, the dissemination of audio-visual productions and live demos, and the practical desire to share information, tools and applied knowledge that take the form of a series of handbooks on urban and digital survival.


    Sonoscop Archives

    A selection from the Sonoscop Archives centred on microwave radio waves, a segment of the electromagnetic spectrum which, even though it is not audible, is of special importance to the creation of sound.


    Presentation of the archives of a mínima:: magazine

    a mínima:: is a project intended to raise awareness of works by artists and researchers interested in involving science and technology in art and culture. Since 2003, it has built up a large archive of documents and has set up a network between various collaborators. The project takes the form of a printed publication issued every two months as a book.

    Surfme is based on short itineraries along simple routes that will give the public access to a large number of the articles and works published in a mínima::. The public attending NOW will be able to consult the entire archive (the paper publication as well as on-line documentation) and to follow four short reading itineraries suggested by artists and theorists connected with the project.


  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum

    NOW converts the electromagnetic spectrum into a great metaphor (or semantic matrix) that acts as a condenser of contents and facilitates the communication and reception of the project.

    Atlas of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Biblio-Points

    A selection of the bibliography available on issues activated on the NOW platform.

    Selected bibliography
  • Container of Paradigms (CoP)

    What experiences, beliefs and values affect your way of perceiving reality and how do you respond to that perception?