Edition April 21st and 22nd, 2006

Permanent spaces

Each edition of the project NOW explores several of its thematic areas, in a coexistence that highlights their interrelation.

  • Queries & Downloads

    Queries & Downloads is a space of dialogue between the groups, collectives and institutions linked to the CCCB.

    Openserver Archives - Platoniq

    The Platoniq collective, winner of second prize in Berlin's international electronic art festival Transmediale 06, demonstrates how technologies and processes can be addressed in a circuit that ranges from the production of audio contents to the downloading of files from the Internet, including listening to, individually selecting and freely distributing programmes. For year one of NOW, Platoniq has prepared an FM and on-line radio programme which includes works and documents from the Openserver Archives, on the themes of syndicated radio, AudioFanzines, coop city and open-source radio.

    Sonoscop Archives - Orquestra del Caos

    A selection from the Sonoscop archives about a segment of the electromagnetic spectrum which, though inaudible, has particular importance for sound creation: radio microwaves. The selection comprises three types of works based on the digital decoding process that renders them audible. Artistic works designed for the radio, such as those created by Ernst Jandl, Roz Cheney, Steve Roden and Darren Copeland; artistic works based on the digital treatment of sounds produced by microwaves, like those by Tod Dockstader, Disinformation, Javier Ariza and Stephen McGreevy, plus a sample of the sounds generated by astronomical research, with material from the NASA, the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville and the Cassini RPWS project.

  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum

    NOW converts the electromagnetic spectrum into a great metaphor (or semantic matrix) that acts as a condenser of contents and facilitates the communication and reception of the project.

    Atlas of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Biblio-Points

    A selection of the bibliography available on issues activated on the NOW platform.

    Selected bibliography
  • Container of Paradigms (CoP)

    What experiences, beliefs and values affect your way of perceiving reality and how do you respond to that perception?