5p.m., 6p.m., 7p.m. and 8.30p.m.

Zeppelin'08. 10th Sound Art Festival


There are many kinds of deafness, but the Zeppelin Sound Art Festival is mainly interested in the almost imperceptible kinds that gradually weaken our listening. We like to listen to noises and work within them, but we also know that these noises often inoculate a kind of mental deafness. We want to listen with our whole bodies, so Zeppelin invites artists, creators and thinkers to reflect on and create sound works that deal with the excess of so-called information - that incessant and repetitive murmur that political slogans try to imprint in our minds and our behaviour, the strange sounds generated by concentrations of power, the way in which we're constantly, everywhere, urged to consider ourselves clients, customers, consumers, and not citizens. In the face of this noise that leaves us without our own sounds, what can we really listen to? What mechanisms are behind this great mental and social deafness that affects us?