Thursday 12 December, 19:30 h

Xavier Theros

Presentation of the book źBarcelona a cau d'orella╗

Xavier Theros has spent years following the threads of the enormous spider’s web known as Barcelona, an always vital, changing city, perpetually being redrawn by the trails left by people who pass through. In Barcelona a cau d’orella, Theros offers a consummate human portrait of the city and its intangible heritage constituted by experiences and social relations. It is a guide based first and foremost on what is not public knowledge, the chronicle of a city that whispers its secrets.

This book has been written with the express desire of following in the footsteps of an earlier work, Guía secreta de Barcelona (The Secret Guide to Barcelona) in which, forty years ago, Josep Maria Carandell invented the craft of telling the story of the most recondite corners of his city, thus producing a map of places, stories and small indiscretions as to what can still be seen and what no longer exists.

The writer Xavier Theros will present Barcelona a cau d’orella (Comanegra, 2013) in a panel discussion with the photographer Consuelo Batista, the anthropologist Manuel Delgado and Joan Sala, director of the publishing house Comanegra.