Workshop for young people. The Wild View

Aged between 15 and 18? Do you make videos with your mobile and is the audiovisual a vital language for you? Want to give your own take on sexuality, with a transgressive, optimistic, conscious narrative?

The Wild View sets out to create this dialogue with a group of participants who construct their answers to these questions by means of images they create themselves. No limits and no censorship on your version of a controversial theme, sexuality. The starting point for our work will be Comizi d’amore, a documentary film that Pier Paolo Pasolini directed in 1965 to pursue his obsession with discovering the Italians’ opinions about sexuality, love and morality. Pasolini’s work not only represented a new way of conceiving of cinema, it was a real revolution, in every sense of the word. This was the revolutionary viewpoint that he brought to his observation of the society around him and used to address the theme of sexuality.


1–5 July, 10.00 to 14.00. INTENSIVE WORKSHOP. At the CCCB

Our aim is to give you the technical and theoretical tools you need to put together your story, with the help of critical thought. We also provide the technical aspects you need to construct your film and an awareness of the empowerment that this means to any citizen. 

July–September. FILM CREATION. The various places where the participants are spending the summer

After this intensive week’s work, each participant will work on their own film over the summer. The workshop facilitators will tutor you on your film, encouraging you to upload content onto your YouTube account so you can discuss your approach.

Saturday 7 September, at 18.00. PUBLIC PRESENTATION OF THE FILMS. At the CCCB

Public viewing of the works created by the young people taking part in the workshop, increasing the profile of the work produced by showing it at a public event.