Monday 03 December, 19:30

Vidas Minadas. Diez años después[Ed. BLUME]

Photojournalist Gervasio Sánchez presents Vides Minades. 10 anys (Mined Lives. 10 Years After, Editorial Blume), a book that picks up the stories of the victims photographed in Mined Lives (1997) and Five Years After (2002).


The mutilated children in the early shots are now young people who have grown up with the mark of the explosion on their bodies. Vides Minades. 10 anys portrays the lives of these nine original victims in the countries most affected by the problem: Angola, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq and Colombia. Sofia Elface, Sokheurm Man, Manuel Orellana and Adis Smajic, four of the people in question, will be with the photojournalist at the presentation of the book.

The same day, 3 December, is the 10th anniversary of the Ottawa Convention. Today, 40 countries still refuse to sign, including the United States, Russia and China, the world's principal producers of anti-personnel mines with right of veto on the UN Security Council, while every year thousands more join the vast army of maimed.