Thursday 02 February, 20:00

Video Out. Kyle Canterbury

Kyle Canterbury grew up in a suburb of Flint, Michigan and, at the age of 16, in 2006, started making his video works, which soon earned the enthusiastic praise of Fred Camper and Jonathan Rosenbaum (“[Canterbury] does some things with rhythm and texture I haven’t seen before in film or video”). These short pieces, between a few seconds and ten minutes long, show that someone who has grown up at the “window” of the television, in the presence of the global screen, is capable of constructing methods of viewing. Refilming, intensifying colours, the grain or pixel of the monitor, in domestic or public spaces, Canterbury channels his lyrical videos—in the wake of The Text of Light, by Brakhage—between suggested sensations and abstraction, using very varied techniques and motifs (a window, a blue neon light, images of George W. Bush, etc.). This programme takes works ranging from his early work to his latest films, and landscape pieces that explore “the margins of movement”. [Video screening]

Color Shifts, 2006, 36 s; Fragments from a Room, 2006, 3 min.; A VIDEO, 2006, 3 min.; 19: Passage, 2006, 5 min.; Building in Detroit #2, 2006, 2 min.; 7 New Videos: #3, 2006, 1 min.; 7 New Videos: #5, 2006, 2 s; 7 New Videos: #7, 2006, 43 s; (July, 2006), 2 min.; Windowviews, 2006, 1 min.; Ten Videos: 10, 2006, 3 min.; 02, 2006, 5 min.; XL, 2006, 3 min.; Screen, 2009, 4 min.; Chair, 2009, 6 min.; January, 2009, 11 min.; Gardens, 2009, 24 s; Garden, 2009, 10 min.