Wednesday 21 December, 18:30

An introduction to the XcŔntric Archive

In the first quarter of 2012, the Xcèntric Archive will be completely renewed and extended, and available for public consultation. The aim of this programme is to offer a selection of some films the Xcèntric`s Archives, an opportunity to discover and to understand this other cinema.


6.30 p.m.

Love on the wing, Norman McLaren, 4’27’’, 1938, Canada
La poulette grise, Norman McLaren, 5’33’’, 1947
Rainbow Dance, Len Lye, 5’, 1935
L’Amour réinventé, Maurice Lemaître, 12’30’’, 1979

7 p.m.

FRAGMENTOS para una historia del otro cine español (Excerpts for a history of the other Spanish cinema), 2010, 50’

This documentary directed by Andrés Hispano and produced by La Chula Productions, TVE and the CCCB takes a look at the history of the least conventional Spanish cinema in an uncompromising exploration of its artistic, visual, poetic and conceptual potential. Fragmentos reconstructs the flickering existence of this cinema using testimonies, sequences and documents. For the first time, a documentary brings together the most significant moments in a cinema that is slowly ceasing to be invisible.

Premiered at the Sitges International Film Festival (October 2010) and broadcast by TVE-2 in January 2011.