First classification ľ Friday 2, 8.30 p.m.
Final ľ Sunday 4, 9 p.m.

Tremendo, Payo Malo, Ose, Zenit, DJ Soyez, DJ Jekey, Metro

Seeking the definitive MC

Competition of one of the four forms of hip-hop expression: MCing, with guests who are prominent experts in this art (Tremendo, Payo Malo, Ose, Zenit, DJ Soyez, DJ Jekey, Metro).


In the hip-hop movement, voice is the territory of the masters of
ceremonies or MCs, who are mainly in charge of entertaining the public
during more instrumental pieces. In these battles between poets in K05,
the intensity of the audience's applause and scoring by a qualified
panel will decide who wins the competition prize: the recording of a
demo and the possibility of editing and distributing it.


Hipnotik, Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
SGAE - Fundaciˇn Autor