This month, Lope Serrano

We devote the month of July to LOPE SERRANO, draughtsman, animator and video producer. This artist will be presenting six recently produced videos in which he conveys all the passion he feels for film.


Writing a couple of lines about Lope Serrano is like writing two pages on the biodiversity of the African continent. Lope's works contain so much truth, so much passion, so much commitment, that trying to explain them inevitably becomes an act of injustice, a useless gesture. Women and love, animals and flowers, rock and roll, light and coloured pencils are merely his tools and his themes of study. But behind all this there is something much, much bigger. Perhaps the key lies in tying to decipher why this author feels the need to manipulate and rework some of the loveliest images in the history of the cinema. When he reworks images by Malick, Godard or Berkeley, Lope is actually trying to decipher the message concealed behind something theoretically as ordinary as a spring day under the waving branches of a tree.

Luis Cerveró. May 2007

Screenings at the CCCB

You Are My Sunshine 01:05 / 2006
Vogue 01:57 / 2005
New Round 04:00 / 2007
Switzerland 02:16 / 2006
3 Surf Legends 01:31 / 2007
Love Me Render 02:31 / 2006