This month, Fèlix Pérez-Hita

Some pieces by Félix Pérez-HitaApproximate duration: 20 mins For Screen at the CCCB, the artist presents a series of recent works, including "Diálogo de Barras", made specially for the occasion.



The videos presented are: "Cursilada Criminal", "Palíndromos", "Al erizo Dios le hizo", "No se compre un auto nuevo" with Begoña Lozano Ferrer, "Diálogo de Barras", made specially for this occasion, "El Mundial lo va a ver..." and the trailer of the medium-length film "Un Retrat", as well as excerpts from "El mundo inmediato" and "Baixa Fidelitat", two joint projects with Andrés Hispano.

"Baixa Fidelitat" is Pérez-Hita's most recent work for television, written and directed jointly with Andrés Hispano and broadcast by the Xarxa de Televisions Locals (Local Television Network). "Baixa Fidelitat" is a call to expose some of the commonplaces that cloud the existence of much of the population and challenge the techniques used by the media to propagate these clichés.


The artist

Félix Pérez-Hita studied History of Art and Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. He is the author of some 20 documentaries for Barcelona TV, and the writer, jointly with Andrés Hispano, and editor of the well-known programme Boing Boing Buddha (Laboratori de tv). He also co-directed, together with Kikol Grau and Arturo Bastón, Gabinete de Crisis - A tv programme you won't see on tv.

Pérez-Hita is currently completing editing work on three of his most ambitious fictional works: "Un Retrato", with Natacha Bengtson (2001-2006); "La improbable historia de EL ASPA ", with Federico Escolano and Arturo Bastón (2003-2006), and "Mobile. The motion picture" (1999-2006).

For the past year, Félix Pérez-Hita has been working with the Neokinok collective, a temporary, nomadic experimental television platform, coordinated by Daniel Miracle and Raul Alaejos. It is television with a truly public, participatory vocation and is associated with other European and American groups.