Thursday 24 January, 20:00

The parallel attempt. Italian experimental film

A reflection on the figure of Marinella Pirelli, an Italian experimental filmmaker with a body of work that has languished for over 40 years in a dark basement. Her films dialogue directly with those of two other Italian filmmakers, Piero Bargellini and Paolo Gioli, constantly questioning the paradigms required to generate an image and its relation with the cinematographic device. Styles, forms and means of production that initially seem very different come together in this session to generate a narrative that runs through the cinema, the technological imaginary and the optical unconscious of Italian experimental film production of the 1960s and 1970s.

Gioco di dama, Marinella Pirelli, 1961-1963, 6 min; Inter-vento, M. Pirelli, 1969, 3 min; Sole in mano (appropriazione, azione propria, a propria azione), M. Pirelli, 1973, 6 min; Il lago (soggettivo-oggettivo), M. Pirelli, 1965, 14 min; Nelda, Piero Bargellini, 1969, silent, 4 min; Secondo il mio occhio di vetro, Paolo Gioli, 1971, 10 min; Immagini reali immagini virtuali, P. Gioli, 1972, 10 min; Doppio autoritratto, M. Pirelli, 1974, 12 min.