Friday 11 January, 18:30

The Gas Works Screenings & performance “Threaded Cocktails” by Operation Rewrite / The Consecutive Impostors

Friday 11

The Gas Works are a series of unique films conceived as instable performances of sonic light. Made and projected by hand, the author - Esperanza Collado- describes them as "ephemeral collages in motion or gaseous light sculptures in which cinema is derailed and subject to stitching." The project explores performative aspects involved in mechanical projection such as the plasticity of luminous space, the reading of optical sounds, and the microstructures of the interval.

The Gas Thus Cuts in Bits, Esperanza Collado, 2012. 16mm and Super16, colour and b&w, optical sound, 8min. 40sec.

The Illuminating Gas,  Esperanza Collado, 2012. 16mm and Super16, colour and b&w, optical sound, 9min 6sec.

Operation Rewrite (www.operationrewrite.net) is the artistic collaboration of The Consecutive Impostors (Esperanza Collado and Maximilian Le Cain), in which they explore the cinematic workings of the cut and interruption. Their performances are disturbing and humorous, showing the artists as 'scientist' figures realizing a series of actions involving elaborate projections and sounds, awaken dreams, and domestic objects. Irish theatre maker John McCarthy collaborates.

With the support of Culture Ireland.


Esperanza Collado
Maximilian Le Cain, John McCarthy
The Present Continuous, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Open Science, Psi Particle, Art Now, Eco Factor, Emerging Culture, Cybersphere, New Activism
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