at 7.30 p.m. on TVE’s La 2 channel

SOY CÁMARA.The CCCB’s Programme (18)

# La memoria externa (External memory)

“SOY CÁMARA. La memoria externa” is a product of the AlzheimArt initiative at the CCCB, which programmes activities and visits to the Centre’s exhibitions for Alzheimer patients.

Museums and arts centres have a responsibility to preserve and address memory. Given estimates that, by 2050, some 115 million people all over the world will suffer from Alzheimer’s, how should cultural institutions react? What can they do? What kind of memory do we need now to face the future?



Script and direction: Rory Lambert
Original idea: AlzheimArt CCCB, Tere Pérez, Mònica Muñoz, Lluís Sangerman
Production and editing: Juan Carlos Rodríguez and Joan Ruiz