SOY CÁMARA. The CCCB’s Programme (27)

What makes us human? A scientific approach

What makes us human? A scientific approach

Duration: 29’25’’

Aristotle defined the human being as an animal with the power of the word and technical ability. Ever since, the singularity of our species has been the subject of philosophical reflections that have been enormously enriched by advances in scientific knowledge. In recent decades, the discoveries made by neuroscience about the functioning of the human brain have challenged many of the assumptions made about our species. What is, then, the specific nature of humankind in the light of science today? Including interviews with Francisco Rubia (neuroscientist), Jaume Bertranpetit (biologist), Michael S. Gazzaniga (neuroscientist), Victor Gómez Pin (philosopher), Francisco Ayala (biologist), Ignacio Morgado (neuroscientist) and Daniel Dennett (philosopher).

Script: Elisabet Goula
Production: José Antonio Soria