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SOY CÁMARA. The CCCB’s Programme (23)

# Secreto

Emission at .7.30 p.m. on TVE’s La 2 channel


In the social, political and personal sphere, we think we have a responsibility to transparency and we revile opacity, concealment and secrecy. Dirty dealings of state, the odd fling and hidden agendas that were accepted as the norm in the 20th century are now regarded as unbearable. Yet it is not so easy to live with no veil between what we know and what we ignore that we know, as Slavoj Zizek posits in this programme.

Nietzsche’s question “How much truth can a spirit bear?” has more nuances than ever, with issues like WikiLeaks, firms that encourage couples to be unfaithful, the crisis explained openly as a major swindle, the paternalistic concealment of truths and keeping open secrets while we post our entire lives on the timeline of social networks.

Andrés Hispano and Félix Pérez-Hita direct this programme about the unbearableness of transparent living with declarations by Bani Brusadin, Rick Prelinger, Manuel Delgado, Jorge Luis Marzo and Jesper Hour.