Broadcast on Saturday 29 March at 1.15

Second showing on Monday 31 March at 9.00

Duration: 29 min.

SOY CÁMARA. El programa del CCCB (35) - I’m a camera – The CCCB’s programme

Pasolini today, still on the margins

Broadcast on TVE’s La 2 channel, Saturday 29 March at 1:30

This episode looks at the recent exhibition “Pasolini Roma”, currently travelling around European arts centres, and at Pasolini the man, even today a vibrant yet surprisingly uncomfortable figure. By means of interviews, excerpts of his texts and TV appearances, the Italian filmmaker and poet reappears on the screen to impress an artistic and political attitude that is as elusive as it is necessary. Far from the scandals and controversies, Pasolini is still hard to define or categorize, but above all he is a model of the intellectual who questions everything and overrides the labels of left and right which are, apparently, as immovable as ever.

The programme includes interviews with the curators of the exhibition “Pasolini Roma”, Alain Bergala, Jordi Balló, Gianni Borgna, who died recently and to whom the programme is dedicated, and the poet Isabel Escudero. As usual, the programme recovers from the CCCB Archive the debate Thinking Differently: Life on the Fringes, with Ingrid Guardiola, Javier Pérez Andújar, Julià de Jòdar and Jordi Balló.

Script and direction: Andrés Hispano and Félix Pérez-Hita