FIRST SHOWING on TVE’s La 2 channel on Saturday 1 March at 1:30.

Rebroadcast on Monday 3 March at 08:30. The programme will then be available for viewing on this website and on RTVE a la carta.

SOY CÁMARA. El programa del CCCB (34) - I’m a camera – The CCCB’s programme

The image of the writer

Broadcast on TVE’s La 2 channel, Saturday 1 March at 1:30

This episode takes a look at certain aspects that surround the image of the writer, from the writer’s relation with his or her own image to complicity and work with the photographer. How is a writer’s image created? How important is this image in communicating with the reader? What role does all this play in the social networks and new technologies?

To answer these questions, we talked to writers of different generations such as Quim Monzó and Javier Calvo, with the editor Jaume Vallcorba and photographers who are accustomed to portraying writers, such as Colita, Pedro Madueño and Asís G. Ayerbe. Interviews and archive material from the exhibition “Espriu. I have looked upon this land” and the Kosmopolis Amplified Literature Festival complete this examination of the image of the writer.

Script and direction: Morrosko Vila-San-Juan and Julià Guillamon


Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Televisión Española