Saturday 04 June, 18:00

SOY CÁMARA.The CCCB’s Programme (11)

# Desde mi balcón: Espacio público: rutinas, pluralidad y democracia (From my Balcony: Public Space – Routines, Plurality and Democracy)

On Saturday, June 4 (at 6 pm on Saturday and at 2 in the morning on Sunday), the 11th episode of “Soy cámara. El programa del CCCB” (I’m a Camera – The CCCB Program) will be aired on TVE’s Channel 2.

After the initial broadcast on TV, the programme will also be available for viewing on the websites of TVE2 and the CCCB.

This episode gives us a view from a balcony in the Raval district of Barcelona, a privileged vantage point over the major transformations this neighborhood underwent from 1996 to 2009. Before us unfolds the bustling neighborhood life, with scenes where residents and other passers-by appropriate themselves of the vivid, changing public space.

These images lend substance to many of the reflections on democracy, plurality and peaceful coexistence that have been expressed at the CCCB over the course of its many exhibits and events on urban topics. And they comprise a sincere tribute to the Raval neighborhood, a spectacular amalgamation of the elements comprising a plural city.