06:30 and 08:00 pm

Sˇnar 2013 | Closing Night

Max Richter + BCN216: Four Seasons Recomposed

Sónar 2013 will close its 20th Anniversary edition at CCCB and MACBA locations, with two highly esteemed concerts that share reinterpretation and reconstruction as the conceptual basis for their musical expression.

The CCCB Theatre will host a concert by Max Richter + BCN216, in which the British composer and the Barcelona group will interpret Richter’s acclaimed recomposed version of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

German-born British composer and pianist, Max Richter has recomposed Vivaldi's hugely popular work in collaboration with German label Deutsche Grammophon: A very personal retreatment that allows the listener to recognize the original piece but at the same time, enjoy it in a completely new and surprising light. On this occasion Richter will be accompanied by instrumental group BCN216 (resident of L'Auditori de Barcelona) to bring at Teatre CCCB his subtle and individual re-adaptation of Vivaldi’s creation ‘live’. He has reconfigured the body of work by removing a number of notes, reorganizing certain passages and adding seductive electronic arrangements.

Directly after, in the MACBA, Italian producer and sound investigator Lorenzo Senni presents ORACLE, a remarkable audiovisual sensory provoking concert that deconstructs 90’s rave culture.

With these two shows, Sónar returns to closely collaborate with CCCB & MACBA, symbolic landmarks of the city, whose spaces set the perfect stage for Sónar’s 20th Anniversary closing. Joining these two sites will be the classic SonarVillage location of Plaça de Joan Corominas, where a bar will be in place for attendees.

For more information, visit Max Richter and BCN216 websites.