Friday 26 March, 20:00

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Screening: “20 días de Noviembre. Después de una revuelta” (20 days in November. After an uprising)

El Tronco de Senegal, 90', 2004, Bolivia, Spain.This documentary was filmed in Bolivia, a month after the popular uprising against the project to export gas to the USA. Interviews were conducted with the victims of brutal repression by the army, leaving over eighty dead and hundreds injured; the versions were also heard of soldiers, political analysts, journalists, leaders of local residents' communities and other collectives who experienced the uprising from their position in different bodies. The material collected allows us to form an idea of the economic, political and social conditions of the country and suggest reflection on the role of multinationals in the present-day globalisation process in Latin America.

Presentation by : El Tronco de Senegal.
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