From 5pm to 6pm. Space 2

BOOKCAMP SESSION: Literary reading habits. At the crossroads between the analogical and digital world

At this time of technological changes, of new reading formats and new devices that hold content, the literary reader finds himself at a crossroads between the analogical and digital world. In the same way that in the analogical world it was important to know the reader in depth in order to be able to define finely-tuned and effective educational instruments, now, in this changing world, it is necessary to know what is being read, how it is being read and in which format. However, precisely due to the fact that we are at a period of transition, reflecting on this aspect means posing more questions than answers and formulating more hypothesis than certainties.

In this session, we will reflect on the literary reading habits of young people: Up to what point will analogical reading be substituted by digital reading? Will the new formats affect the increase in literary readers? Or will the literary reader change his form of reading and relating to literature thanks to the new offer? Will the new literary products which have adopted new characteristics by adapting to the new formats give way to new reading skills? Do we really read literature on the web and on the new readers? Which type of reader reads them?

Coordinator: Mireia Manresa