Friday 19 September, 21:00

Screening of Una Peli, of Ricardo Coral

With the presence of the entire film crew.

Una Peli, 2007, 70'

When 36 people decide to make a film with no money and using the method of instant creation, the result is...UNA PELI. A trip between fiction and reality. A return to theatre of the grotesque, to vaudeville, to the political pamphlet. An erotic-ideological film. A film of a film of a film. In other words, many films for the price of one.

Direction: Ricardo Coral
Script: Carlos Aguilar and Ricardo Coral
Photography: Älvaro Castillo and Jordi Oliver
Sound: Marc Gatell
Editing: Sergi Llopart and Ricardo Coral
Musical Editing: Luca Gopi
Music: Carles Fontova
Choreography: Thierry Taboni
Art Direction: Nacho Guilera and Marie Krautschick
Wardrobe and Makeup: Amaranta Miralbell
Animation: Lorenzo Mas
Head of Production: Celia Manteca
Assistant Director: Luca Gopi
Production Assistant: Laia Mateu
Graphic Design and Credits: Nacho Guilera
Executive Producers: Jordi Oliver and Ricardo Coral
Actors: Marta Lecuona, Laia Falp, Silvia Fiestas, Carmen del Conte, Carlos Aguilar, Jordi Pérez, Lorenzo Mas and Andreu Mateo.