Tuesday 09 October, 19:30

Richard Peet lecture

"Neoliberalism, financial capitalism and crisis"

This lecture is to be given on the occasion of the launch of Núria Benach’s book Richard Peet: Geografía contra el neoliberalismo (Richard Peet: Geography versus Neoliberalism – Espacios Críticos Collection, Vol. 3, Icaria Editorial).

“Debt, speculation, risk and fear are structurally endemic to finance capitalism. Unless neoliberal political regimes change, the present-day recession will necessarily reoccur.”

Richard Peet: Geografía contra el neoliberalismo is a critical essay about Richard Peet and his work. It also includes a selection of key texts and an unpublished article.




Editorial Icaria
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona