Thursday 08 November, 20:00

Realisms, speculations

The films of these four directors explore the different layers of reality and thought that exist in things: stone, flesh, milk, birds, trees... All present the world as an infinite void and open up to the diversity and thickness of their matter, using sound and image separately to make the world and its mysteries speak.

Villatalla, Jeannette Muñoz, Switzerland/Chile/Italy, 2011, 16 mm, 22 min; Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances, Samantha Rebello, United Kingdom, 2010, 16 mm, 22 min; Born Winged Animals and Honey Gatherers of the Soul, Emily Wardill, United Kingdom, 2005, 16 mm, 9 min; Catalogue of Birds: Book 3, Jayne Parker, United Kingdom, 2006, video, 15 min.