Thursday 23 October, 17:00

Reading Club on the work of Jack Kerouac

Workshop Conductor: Eloy Fernández-Porta

In parallel with Kosmopolis 2008, the art centre of La Panera in Lleida, is holding the exhibition "En cualquier lugar, en ningún lugar" (In Any Place, in No Place). With José Miguel Cortés as its director, the exhibition is structured like a storybook. The section "Urban Scenes" offers some reflections on the work of Jack Kerouac.

From Lleida and through the Anella Project, J. M. Cortés will be organising a brief visit to the exhibition, after which Eloy Fernández-Porta will conduct a readers' club on Kerouac's On the Road, with the joint participation of readers from La Panera and others who are Friends of the CCCB, from Kosmopolis.