Friday 15 March, 16:30

Radamés Molina (Red Ediciones)

Sales platforms - BookCamp workshop

1. A Global Market and Its Characteristics

In this first part we will explain which geographical areas we cover, which channels provide us with the greatest reach and which management tools we use.

2. Digital Formats and Imminent Possibilities

We will talk about the technical possibilities of formats and their implementation in the different virtual stores.

3. Many Niches and Coordinates for Identifying Them

We will discuss the enormous quantity of reports that are provided to us by so many platforms and the modalities in which we sell contents, as well as their targets.

4. Branding in the Digital Industry, Piracy and Online Stores

For us, an e-book is not just static content, it is associated with a brand image and can be continually updated and enriched. 

It is for this reason that transmitting our values in the reduced and dispersed spaces offered to us by the digital world is key to our publishing endeavour.