18:30 - 20:30

Commons, public space network and geopolitics of Internet

Presentation of the book «The Wealth of Networks» by Yochai Benkler

Co-operation, social production, political economy, and the commons are some of the subjects of Yochai Benkler's talk, that coincides with the publication of the Spanish translation of The Wealth of Networks (2006) by Icaria Editorial.

The book looks at how advances in communication and information technologies have brought about new production models based on collaboration among individuals, and analyses the economic and social consequences of this change. Benkler discusses the emergence of a new paradigm in which cooperation is driven by individual decentralised actions, and in which the Internet enables projects based on voluntary work. He argues that these projects represent a new stage in social organisation that is based on a non-commercial production model that nonetheless generates substantial economic value. 

Fila 0: Floren Cabello (Traducciones procomun), Nuria Alabao (La Hidra), Lorena Fuster (Tramod UB: Trajectories of modernity), Liliana Arroyo (Eticas), Anna Monjo (ICARIA Editorial), Josep Lladós Masllorens (Director IN3),  Ismael Peña-López (UOC), Rubén Martínez and Marco Berlinguer (IGOPnet.cc), Samer Hassan (P2Pvalue), Leandro Navarro (CONFINE and Pangea.org),  David Laniado (Dcent), Eduard Aibar (UOC), David Gomez (Amical Wikmedia), Javier Creus (Pentagrowth), Ignasi Alcalde (OKFN Spain), Guillermo Rojo (XES – Solidarian Economy Network), Maria Garcia Perulero (Goteo), Juanlu Sanchez (eldiario.es), Quim Guitart (communia.org), Peter Matjasic (Open Society Foundations), Leda Guidi (Iperbole – civic network and digital agenda of Bologna City Council), Valentina Bazzarin, Alejandro Perez and Jordi Bonet (Podem Cat), Sir Jaron Rowan (BAU), Francisco Jurado (Democracia 4.0), Tomas Diez (BCN Fab Lab), Sol Polo (FAD / Design Beats), Ignasi Labastida (Creative Commons), Arnau Monterde (Tecnopolítica de l’IN3), among others.