07:30 pm and 10:30 pm

Primera Persona 2013

Half emotional striptease, half no-holds-barred autobiography, Primera Persona is a multidisciplinary platform for stories based on the purest self. These life stories—sometimes more camouflaged, sometimes more literal, but always literary, atypical, tragicomic and anti-epic—prove that anyone can be the hero (or antihero) of an experience worthy of a novel, film or song.

From hilarious monologue to confessional pop concert, via uncompromising reading or dramatic performance, the second edition of Primera Persona uses this premise to bring together foremost names, with points in common such as humour or non-transferable biography. All have prepared an exclusive show for a cycle that places the premium on the exclusive nature of the life and work of each. Primera Persona is a festival conceived by the journalists, writers and cultural agitators Kiko Amat and Miqui Otero.

Friday 3 May

07:30 pm Session 1

Hip Hop 80's:
DJ Neas, Ramón Giménez “El Brujo” and Luis Hidalgo

A monologue with oddities
Carlo Padial

Masturbation, God and McDonald’s
Shalom Auslander

10:30 pm Session 2

Barcelona City:
Marcos Ordóñez, Oriol Llopis and Dani El Rojo

The pioneers of English post-punk
Gina Birch y Ana Da Silva (The Raincoats)
with one-woman-band
Lidia Damunt

Saturday 4 May

07:30 pm Session 3

Ainhoa Rebolledo, Isabel Sucunza, Patxi Irurzun, Federico Montalbán and Manuel Jabois

Pulp, a tribute to Curtis Garland
Laura Fernández and Robert Juan-Cantavella

Nerds, reggaeton and superheroes:
Junot Díaz
converses with
Iván de la Nuez

10:30 pm Session 4

Blood, redemption and revenge in the US South
Donald Ray Pollock

Grand recital by
Robert Forster (The Go-Betweens)
accompanied by
Part Company (Fred i Son, Evripidis and Adrián de Alfonso)