PREMIERE of short films and debate with their makers

Isaki Lacuesta, Lluís Calvo & Ester Xargay

On Tuesday 4 June, we present the short films Canto a Fidel and La matança del porc, by Isaki Lacuesta, and L’edat de pedra, by Lluís Calvo and Ester Xargay. The showings will be followed by a colloquium with Andrii Antonovskii, Lluís Calvo, David Caño, Catalina Girona, Carles Hac Mor, Clara Fontanet Abrines, Isaki Lacuesta and Ester Xargay.

Canto a Fidel - Isaki Lacuesta and Alba Sotorra, 2013, 6’34”

They thought pornography was harmful because it was sexist, but they found out it was even worse; the worst thing about pornography is that it was consumed all over the work, even in Cuba, that it was capitalist. However, a veteran filmmaker found the solution. And he set to work.

La matança del porc - Isaki Lacuesta, 2013, 10’17”

This is something like a moral portrait of Barcelona, and by extension of Spain, in the year 2012. It is the story of a real-estate consultant and amateur filmmaker who, in the 1970s, fought for democracy, and who now thinks it has been perverted and manipulated. He sharpens his claws and plans a couple of alternatives that could put an end to a crisis “created for us by bankers and profiteers”.

L’edat de pedra - Lluís Calvo and Ester Xargay, 2013, 23’40”. With the participation of Andrii Antonovskii, David Caño, Clara Fontanet Abrines, Catalina Girona, Carles Hac Mor, Miquel Àngel Marín and Xavier Martínez Villarroya

Before, a long time ago, the world was like a stone. Now, it’s a quarry. Amid stripped-down industrial installations, a few people return to life in desolation. A world of voices, dust, steps, murmurs. Everything is a past that comes back to life in this mineral place. Threats start to fly, but amid the disorder, stones and hearts beat in time.