From 8PM to 11PM

Premiere at the CCCB: EL COSMONAUTA (The Cosmonaut), 2013, Riot Cinema Collective

A transmedia project courtesy of over 5,000 people

El Cosmonauta (2013) is a feature film produced by the Riot Cinema Collective, using a new model of financing, production and distribution based on available communication tools: the Internet, social networks, communities and mobiles.

Synopsis: El Cosmonauta starts in 1967 with the arrival of Stas and Andrei, two young friends, in the recently built City ofStars, where the first cosmonauts are training to go into space and the race is on to beat the Americans to spatial sovereignty. Stas and Andrei are about to experience at first hand the political intrigues, power struggles, and successes and failures of the majesticSoviet Union in some of the greatest triumphs of the 20th century. They soon meet Yulia, a communications engineer with whom they strike up a strong friendship that borders on love but is never consummated.

Organizer: CCCB and Riot Cinema Collective

For more information: http://www.elcosmonauta.es/blog/?p=1242