Saturday 25 April, 18:00 h

Poetry Slam Barcelona

Creation centered on the word & the stage

Poetry Slam Barcelona stars a new season. Half poem, half performance, the Poetry Slam is a poetic contest with a lively, dynamic, participatory format that creates a new relation between the public and the poets. The project combines the word and the stage at the centre of a new cultural proposal, using the slam and the spoken word as recourses for developing and promoting expression and communication in a performance space. It is a social network of creators/poets for whom the use of language, particularly the poetry slam, is a tool to develop their creativity and the focus of a space of social relation and exchange.

The slamers that will open the sixth season are: Esteve Bosch, Domenikus, Isa García, Salva Soler, Daniel Bauzá, Irene la Sen Saibán, Yolanda Gutiérrez, Danilo, Adriana Bertan, Maria José Aldunate and Gloria Bosch.