Sunday 19 September, 11:00

Peter Mayer, Valeria Bergalli, Manuel Borrás, Enric Cucurella, Jordi Fernando Aloy, Jorge Herralde and José Pons Bertrán

Editing Editors

Publishing and independence have historically been inseparable phenomena, but as never before, with the transformation of written culture by new technologies, the globalisation of culture and the concentration of the sector, independent publishers are resistant publishers who have to find new strategies and to re-examine their traditions.


Is it possible to foment an interdisciplinary debate which reconciles the passion of publishing with the profession of publisher? How is a quality offer put together in order to create a qualified demand? And Publishing without publishers (André Schiffrin) or publishing with a human face (Jason Epstein)? These are some of the issues that will be discussed in this first encounter of independent publishers organised within the framework of Kosmopolis 04.

With the presence of Peter Mayer, director of The Overlook Press, and the directors of the following publishing houses: Valeria Bergalli of Minúscula, Manuel Borrás of Pre-Textos, Enric Cucurella of Alpha Decay, Jordi Fernando Aloy of Meteora, Jorge Herralde of Anagrama and José Pons Bertrán of Melusina.