Saturday 28 February, 22:00

Performance with projections in 16 mm. This Living Hand, Bruce McClure

Bruce McClure goes into the lighting possibilities of cinema, putting to test the fascination of the mind for intermittence and the magic of light.


This Living Hand

"The movie camera takes light traces engraving them on silver lockets. I prefer the giving company of a movie projector that can paradoxically transubstantiate a series of still births reviving them in the minds of the living. My "Projection Performances" a call to witness the discreet and yet simultaneous actions of shuttered lamplight through the body of film and the glissando of optical sound along its shaded substrate. I am fortunate to share the fascinating reciprocity of this machine with our senses. With everyone on this side of the picture plane, however, there is a real possibility of losing control. The room, the projector, the projectionist, the screen, the audience of nerve fibers and all cinematic presuppositions are brought to bear on the moment. Danger is indispensible to my projection performances. This living hand - see here it is - I hold it toward you."

Bruce McClure