Friday 13 June, 19:30

Passing the Rainbow / Views of Kabul

By Sandra Schńfer and Elfe Branderburger

Session within the 16th Barcelona International Women's Film Festival as part of the exhibition "Working Documents". from 20 november until 8 february 2009 at Centre de la Imatge/Palau de la Virreina

Passing the Rainbow deals with how to follow the strict gender norms in Afghan society, concerning performance as well as cinematographic production and daily and political life.

A theatre company run by a girl in Kabul, a teacher who is also an actress, a policewoman who has a second job as an action film director, an activist of the RAWA organization who approves of the radical separation of the State and religion, and Malek who, in order to get a job, lives as if she were a boy: these women are all the protagonists of Passing the Rainbow.

After the projection, a debate:

Views of Kabul: a description of the methods of overcoming the strict rules of genre in Afghan society.

Sandra Schäfer and Elfe Brandeburger (Berlin) together with the film maker Diana Saqeb (Kabul) debate the different ways of representing this struggle. The chairperson of the debate is Mònica Bernabé (Barcelona), a journalist specialized in Afghan affairs and President of the Association for Human Rights in Afghanistan (ASDHA)


Passing the Rainbow, Germany, 2007, 71', VOSE
Direction, photography, editing and sound: Elfe Brandeburger, Sandra Schäfer
Music: Boris Baltschun
Production and distribution: Mazefilm - mazefilm@gmx.net