From Tuesday to Sunday from 11a.m. to 8p.m.

Closed on non-holiday Mondays

Pantalla CCCB, a month, an artist

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Pantalla CCCB. A month, an artist is a showcase for audiovisual works by creators who are interested in experimenting and innovating with new aesthetic, formal and narrative languages.

It is presented simultaneously as an exhibition gallery in our building and as an online screen on our website (www.cccb.org/pantallacccb).

Throughout the month of March we’ll be premiering the original project NO CREDIT, a Barcelona collective of multidisciplinary creators, with a selection of their shorts. Made in the course of a single day, in defiance of audiovisual grammar, the work of NO CREDIT does not respond to an audiovisual format. Each piece is related to the next and the other way around, forming an ongoing discourse that conveys philosophical reflection on human nature and social change. Anonymity is voluntary and responds to the collective nature of the project.