Wednesday 15th, 1:30 pm.
Sunday 19th, 2 pm.

Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

UNESCO, 2003, several countries, 90', OV

A selection of masterpieces from the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity chosen by UNESCO with the aim of protecting a patrimony threatened with extinction. The material we present is from the 2003 edition.


The themes are: "The Andrean Cosmovision of the Kallawaya. Bolivia", "The Oral and Graphic Expressions of the Wajapi-Brazil", "The carnival of Barranquilla-Colombia", "The Art of Guqin Music. China", "Wayang Puppet Theatre. Indonesia", "The Traditional Music of Morin Khuur-Mongolia", "Vanuatu Sand Drawing-Vanuatu", "Nha Nha, Vietnamese Court Music-Vietnam", "The Al-sirah al-Hilaliyya Epic-Egypt", "Iraqi Maqam-Iraq" and "The Oral Traditions of the Aka Pygmies of Central Africa. Central-African Republic".